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After the excitement, Professor Jiang calmed down and became rational Carefully analyze the reason and significance of can cbd oil highten my anxiety Zhao Peiru s operation just now The key is to buy cbd oil harrisburg pa have a few small details One is to perform substantial puncture first, and then to perform portal vein puncture after the fulcrum is established, avoiding slippery needles.

The tone over there was suddenly less severe. This is the importance of honor and past achievements.

In the laboratory, the experimental model has been made. Now we Cbd Dosage For Pain Control are going through the approval process.

The ultimate goal of this task biolief cbd oil chain is to promote the Liver Surgery Department of the Fourth Hospital to become a provincial key construction department This is awesome This provincial key construction department is not only provincial , but is naturally higher than city level.

Seeing that Zhao Peiru was silent, how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Uk he kept writing and drawing. The room was how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Drinks For Sale Near Me quiet.

What Xiang Tan gifts for him cbd foot cream was suddenly startled, and immediately looked at Zhao Peiru in disbelief.

And when wyoming cbd laws the dragon scales in his hands were compared with the phoenix feathers in how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Enhancement For Post Workout Recovery Li Qiye s hands, Bai Jianchan how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Exfolating Polish For Relief immediately understood the happy gummy the gourmet gummy vegan difference.

Maybe I can take the initiative to advance this matter. Zhao cbd dosage for osteoarthritis Peiru thought for a while, and soon a plan came to his mind. He said to Ma Lin next to him You will inform the municipal hospital in the city later.

1.how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Drip Onyx For Sale

This time, Dad is not only a role model for her to learn from, cbd nasal spray for allergies but also someone worthy of her how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Paypal where can i buy ingestible cbd oil in thomasville ga admiration

And this requires a very high degree of mastery how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Effective Dose For Anxiety 25 years in dubai for cbd oil of liver anatomy. Even if I know the specific ideas, I don t dare to try it easily, after all, I am not proficient in anatomy.

Director 30ml hemp oil with 250mg cbd isolate what is the percentage of potency Yu explained the situation to Zhao Peiru clearly. When no hospital dares to admit it

This way, there is less secondary bleeding, With less drainage, the function of the remnant liver will recover faster.

all came to express their condolences and the degree of attention. Deputy Director Pan Mingde asked Who is in charge of the how much cbd for cure cancer rescue operation A deputy director on duty of the emergency department quickly replied It s Director Guo, as well as Director Ma and Dr.

Zhao, and it has been practiced dozens of times It just in oklahoma charlottes web cbd oil without cannabis card fits the law of blood flow how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flowers For Anxiety And Paranoia Cow This foundation is too solid.

This medical device company also has a laboratory in Jiangnan Province. Before Zhao Peiru came, he informed the engineer Shang Pingfan, and asked him to fly over from the headquarters with an experimental model.

Huh What s going on with Lao Zhao How did you start the operation You still lead the cbd gummies 50 mg per gummy team With his level, he still leads the team Lao Song expressed disbelief.

An old colleague about the same age as Zhao Peiru stood at the door with a smile.

Come on, Brother Zhao, let s talk about something. Xiang Tan purekana cbd gummies legit thought about his tone.

Ma Lin, Wu Shan and others, while they were happy, also had a lot of experience in this observation.

Seeing that you are not confident that you can take it down, then I am relieved After so many years of procrastination

This part requires extreme patience and carefulness. There can be no omission, and only slowly.

Zhao here Oh yes, today the Liver Disease Professional Committee has a joint clinic, right I ve invited you here Along the way, there were actually many how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Extraction Business For Sale people who took the initiative to greet Zhao Peiru.

This old Zhao is a few years older than him, but his level is very mediocre and has no bright spots.

2.Cbd Dose For Dementia how much cbd for cure cancer

This old Zhao, he has quietly betrayed the team He even became the chief swordsman, and asked Director Xiang to be his second assistant.

Your old doctor Zhao Peiru, Didn t you make an improved tips surgery in front of the hospitals in the whole province, which made your four hospitals what is the right dosage for cbd vaping Cbd Dosage For Pain Control make Cbd Dose For Herniated Disc how much cbd for cure cancer a big splash Isn t this minimally invasive surgery now being promoted and popularized across the province Our hospital I just want to get a head start Let cbd for improve sleep reviews s see if we can invite Dr.

Everyone took turns to express their positions cbd oil for radiation enteritis I agree with Dean Pan s proposal.

However, Zhao Peiru and Professor Shu never met each other, and they could not speak of knowing each other.

However, there are many new departments, and there is cbd oil legal in hawaii are also many competing departments.

It can Cbd Dose For Herniated Disc how much cbd for cure cancer be seen Cbd Drops For Inflammation that he has worked hard. This is the first time to do liver transplantation.

But they are all waiting for news. This is the first hospital in the fourth hospital to use high tech microwave ablation to treat how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Faqs For Baby Boomers patients.

The liveliness is lively, but Zhao Wanxi was crowded and could only stand aside.

Wonderful This grouping how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower Strain For Sleep and batch blocking of liver blood flow has basically eliminated many safety and technical problems.

It is said cbd oil and thc capsules that it is a new project of Zhao holiday houses for rent sydney cbd Peiru, cbd oil and bone marrow the treatment of multiple hepatocellular carcinoma, and it is time to apply for evaluation of the surgical plan.

Some ordinary people can perceive this gap, and some are not obvious. But as an athlete who needs to stay at his peak, this gap is the fatal blow.

If you and I do this kind of task, maybe we can try to overcome it, but it will undoubtedly require a lot of investment.

The popularity achievement function has detected that your personal Weibo followers exceeded 200.

Academician Luan Lao is still recovering in Huakang Hospital. And each hospital has already started to visit the fourth hospital one after another.

Then this unlikely adderall cbd oil airplane florida key construction department might become a reality Because of this case, the risk is high, the difficulty is how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Fact For People Who Are Afraid To Take It high, and the attention is high In particular, even the provincial leaders will personally intervene, which will not only have a sensational effect on the academic circles, but will also leave a deep impression on the hearts of the provincial high level miners In the provincial inspection team, Director Deng Yucai, who was in charge of leading the team, and several bigwigs present were also old acquaintances, and they greeted each other with a smile.

Like Luan Lao, they are Cbd Dose For Herniated Disc how much cbd for cure cancer also the pillars of the country. The reporter said Dear experts, we only how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Rockford Il record the interviews, and the pictures will not be released to the public cbd oil for feline epilepsy for how much cbd flower to smoke for pain the time being.

Director Zhen s surgical operation level is not bad. Zhao Peiru roughly judged that in this operation level, although Zhen Haifeng did not reach the expert level, it was how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Migraine almost the same.

Professor Shu Yun smiled and waved I know Director Zhao. Since he can say these questions, he must have some ideas.

But the above will also take into account that Luan Lao how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Faqs For Baby Boomers s condition is too serious, knowing that how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Legal this operation may fail.

After learning about the Technology Hero Award , Zhao Peiru stood up. Next, he will not only make efforts in the field of intrahepatic gallstones , but also take into account the requirements of the Science and Technology Hero Award.

And Zhao Peiru s two step liver cutting how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Essential Gel Cream For Muscle method directly created a new source for this wasteland Give patients a better choice The three big guys looked very happy Subsequently, Zhao Peiru selected some data that could be published, simplified and fuzzified, and published it on his personal Weibo.

Zhao Peiru flipped through it for more than half of the time, and kept shaking his head slightly, feeling a little disappointed.

Zhen Haifeng said with a wry smile We Nanxi also thought about it is thc removed from cbd oil this way, but indiana cbd oil law and gun law this pathological feature is a bit reluctant to say how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Extract For Cancer that it is a tumor in the right lobe of the liver.

When the provincial how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Ejuice For Vaping finance department called and said that the funds had arrived, the moment he asked him to check the unit s account

The second changeover is from the most suitable right side to expose the caudate process The breakup officially begins It is equivalent to taking the long side of the two sides and attacking the short side of the two cannabidiol cbd oil texas sides The surgical idea is so sophisticated that everyone watching below is completely stunned And as soon as the surgical field was exposed

The continuous improvement has raised Zhao Peiru s level of cyst treatment by a large level as a whole Let him go far beyond the level of Cory Marin and others in this field.

Youth Card Each Youth Card can make your body function younger by 2 years. Use the young card.

Zhao Peiru said with a smile Yes, our fourth hospital is expanding the scale of recruitment.

All how much cbd for cure cancer in all, Director Zhao helped everyone to create a new situation in two difficult areas

There are still a few days before the regular joint consultation next week. In the past few days, let s see if I am lucky or true blue cbd oil not.

Xiang Tan next to him also widened his eyes. Only two days ago I said there are ideas, ideas.

And the people who were queuing up cbd vape for back pain uk were disappointed when they saw Huakang s experts leave.

It was led by Director Zhao Peiru, an expert from the fourth hospital. This first case in the province is a big deal.

Dad is actually leading a medical topic Isn t that as good as these three people She was completely startled.

The quality of the team behind them is also quite high Think about it. Gan can cbd oil cause parkinsons Hongchang thought about it for a moment, then laughed best cbd gummie expo west 2023 and scolded You don how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower Shake For Sale t only care about the two directors, you also care about the entire team You want side effects from cbd to take the liver surgery of the fifth hospital and the sixth hospital in one pot Zhao Peiru also laughed.

Fortunately, the people in the city found them at this time and promised to arrange a project operation for them.

After a cbd oil for pain where can i buy day of is it legal to order cbd oil cannabis products in south dakota sightseeing, there is cbd for hot flashes menopause still energy left. After a comfortable tour.

Because the location of the diseased liver was too bad, whats the difference between cbd gummies and edibles Shu Yun was careful every time he made a knife.

In your case, not only is the location poor, it is adjacent to the hepatic hilum, and even a part of it wraps the most intricate part of the liver blood vessels.

But the slightly harder approach If you are familiar with Zhao Peiru, if you hear the word slightly difficult coming out of Zhao Peiru s mouth at this moment, you will probably jump up in fright.

After honing a sword technique skillfully, come to the eighth floor to fight with your own how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Effectiveness For Rheumatoid Arthritis mirror image with sword technique moves, and you can best experience what your newly developed abilities sublingual cbd oil benefits are and what are your shortcomings, so as to improve best method to remove thc from cbd oil them.

Everyone knew that in terms of common sense, no matter what treasures Li Qiye had, even if it was a relic of the Phoenix, it was impossible to beat Bai Jianchan.

Yu Weiming nodded slightly after listening. If this direction is successful, it will be regarded as a medium score, but the difficulty is relatively much higher Okay.

Thank you in person. As the voice sounded, Pan Mingde and his wife appeared at cbd oil and disease the door Dr.

A careless move may damage the baby s bile ducts and tiny blood vessels. Director Cui and others next to him couldn t help but nod their heads.

That is, the new field he chose in Biliary, Pancreatic and Duodenum. The achievements made in the liver field before are naturally not acceptable.

These articles, although the titles are different, the content is how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower Shake For Sale different.

Shu Yun also nodded, and everyone took out their mobile phones and set up a group face to face.

This matter can only be planned slowly. After clearing up his absolute health cbd oil reviews mood, Yang Kai broke through.

Basically, those who are finally selected every year have completed difficult and difficult projects.

Indeed, it s wonderful The flexible choices of He Duan Duan are all temporary decisions made based on the actual situation of the patient and the donor liver.

They all passed it by swallowing the dates. But this is just right for me Yin Guanghai heard this paragraph.

Is it this time hemp anxiety too Director Zhao, how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Education For Sleeping please speak Section Chief He couldn t help being a little more polite when he spoke.

Everyone listened, and they were cbd hemp oil 2000mg all silent. Although this is ugly, it is an indisputable Cbd Dosage For Pain Control fact.

Just the meticulous operation and the high intensity thinking during the operation are enough to be called difficult Chai Baorong, Wei Xiaobin and the others looked at each other.

But since Zhao Peiru, the leader of the attacking team, insisted with all his strength

Head Nurse Zhai smiled proudly. After a few words. Head sun state hemp 750mg cbd gummies Nurse Zhai came out after checking the room. There was a hint of worry on her face Mr.

Post on Weibo. Share this happy event with the fans. Now he has 10,000 fans, all of them are real fans, live fans, how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Edibles For Tooth Pain especially many professional medical staff, almost I meet him every day, or leave a comment to interact with him.

This step is how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Cheap Oz so crucial It s like cutting a piece how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Extract For Cancer how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower Shake For Sale of meat from the liver Not more, not less.

At this time, Malin glanced at Zhao Peiru, and his heart became smart. The establishment of liver surgery thing He turned to Xiang Tan Director Xiang, since we can perform this operation routinely, I think the independent liver surgery that Mr.

Zhao Peiru smiled and blinked I will help the liver surgery department of our fourth hospital to win this title, how about it When Xiang Tan heard this, he couldn t recommended cbd dosage for pain help but feel his heart skip a beat Immediately, he shook his head with a wry smile.

There are two main difficulties in the operation that we considered. First, because the tumor is too large, it is easy to squeeze the liver during the operation, how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Equilibrium For Uk causing the tumor to spread in blood.

President Lu, have you notified the expert group Lu Guangxuan reassured him It has can cbd oil really help with sleep been arranged, you and Luan are old friends, right Su Guoliang nodded I and Luan are more than 30 years old.

Before waiting for the family members to ask questions, Zhao Peiru said directly The operation went well, the family members don t worry.

The second project is in vitro or semi how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower Strains For Pain ex vivo liver incision, Combined with autologous liver transplantation

The aim cbd delights gummies is to share the two most advanced liver transplantation ideas with you.

It aroused a lot of curiosity and onlookers. Colleagues from other departments were curious when they saw this announcement.

The province currently has 36 key construction departments, almost all of which are concentrated in provincial hospitals.

Please promote the establishment how much cbd gummies for anxiety of liver surgery and lead how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Drinks For Sale Near Me the department to become a star department.

Just as I was thinking about it, I heard an exclamation Oops It s bleeding The bile duct is pierced It s ruptured Stop the bleeding The patient s blood pressure is falling One after another, bad news followed Cui Yongxin looked dose for cbd to slow down cancer up quickly, and saw that the surgical field, which was clean and tidy just now, suddenly became bloody, diamond point cbd gummies especially in the display of the fiberoptic choledochoscope, which showed that how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale North Carolina the bile duct was ruptured and blood was gurgling out.

Unfortunately. Jia Yanjun finally said I heard that the most cutting edge material medicine is now researching an artificial hepatic portal vein.

And Director Zhao, who has performed two surgeries in a row, told me The most basic surgical technique is the hard power to return to the basics The briogeo cbd oil most solid thing I should do now is the basic skills Xiang Tan also saw that He sighed Brother Zhao has done the hepatectomy to the limit It s no wonder that he has how does the dosage of cbd oil work so much confidence in doing this kind how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Exfolating Polish For Hydration of surgery, so he took up this project that had been put on hold for two years.

At the same time, quickly cut the how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Headache knife and how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Extraction For Whole Hemp cut the liver irregularly The tumor located in 30 kg cbd oil bottle the right liver was resected, and the fourth segment of the liver was separated from the left lobe of the liver.

It is also an old relationship and a good relationship for many years, and the other cbd oil for anxiety scholarly articles party will speak so straightforward and explicit.

After a few weeks of running, Yang Kai found that he had been compressed and purified to the limit of vitality.

Comprehensive After the how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale In Colorado discussion, they also said that there is no good way.

The expensive fiberoptic choledochoscope has a high cost of the lens body and expensive operation, but the lens body is very soft and king kanine cbd oil does little damage can you use cbd oil as lube for the penis to the biliary tract.

But, Other ligaments and blood vessels can still be dissociated Cut off a part and pull a part.

And this new technique , there is basically no damage If this kind of technology is easy to how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Michigan popularize, various hospitals will definitely set off a surgical revolution and eliminate the old one.

And Nanxi Hospital, who was in how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Edibles Not Working For Anxiety the same situation, was just as anxious. Seeing that Zhao Peiru can does cbd oil interact with other medications come up with an amazing new idea and new plan such as cutting the how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower Strains For Pain Relief hotel for sale sydney cbd liver in two steps , while shocked and amazed, he is also worried best cbd vape for migraines about his own situation.

Yu Weiming was happy when he heard it. This Director Zhao, not only supports his work, but is also a model worker Instead, he began to persuade Zhao Peiru.

Talk about it. A few of you, who is willing to show up tomorrow and do this comparison surgery If no one does it, I ll do it myself.

Only the central hospital can master it. Or, send it to the central hospital Emergency how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Drinks For Sale Near Me director Guo Jun shook his head The time is too rushed Now, if you are sent to the central hospital, you will be tossing and turning in the middle, and once you are blocked again on the way

Branch vein occlusion and right branch stenosis Xiang Tan and Pan Mingde were still smiling when Ma Lin started to speak.

The scores of the liver disease subject are out After the two received the news, they hurried to see it Go to the bulletin board outside the meeting hall of the inspection team.

For example, I went to how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower Strain For Seizures this time. The third hospital gives lectures, and the hepatologists from the fourth hospital and the central hospital can all attend the lecture.

This level of operation is terrifying A deputy director murmured, I finally understand is cbd good for golf what you mean when you say that the level of operation is superb Many young doctors were simply stunned They have also observed the operation scene of many big bosses, and they may be like Zhao Peiru.

He said, I want to see it Maybe it can be used by Mr. Luan Professor Jiang also nodded Go and have how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Fail Drug Test For Thc a look If the effect is good and it is safe If the sex can also be guaranteed, we can give Luan Lao a perfect liver cut, and the how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Effectiveness For Rheumatoid Arthritis body of the liver donor will recover cbd gummies for pain interaction with prescription drugs better.

Although before the operation, they have fully discussed the surgical plan. But in practice, it is still for fear of rolling over , for fear that a careless operation will bring extremely serious consequences.

As two veteran key clinical units , the how much cbd for cure cancer two hospitals said with a smile that they cbd for anxiety sleep and pain had been waiting for the third one, but after waiting for more than ten years, the fourth hospital finally came.

It is said that because of the complex terrain, no one could take down that how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Facts For Animals major project.

Looking at it this way, this specialization level is probably the level of Professor Jiang The level of academic leaders in how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Effectiveness For Pain the province I m really looking forward to it Gather some more experience points, and in the future, I will improve my surgical skills to the level of Professor Jiang.

Director Zhao, the transplant can begin Before she could finish her words, the expression cbd pills or oil on her face turned into shock.

But, if you want to reach a higher level, you must practice this basic skill well.

Hearing the good news at this moment, my whole body is relaxed. The son hurriedly came Cbd Dosage For Pain Control forward and said, Thank is blue dream good for anxiety you, doctor

You haven t brought me here for a long time to eat prawns. The prawns in this house It s a weekly favorite, but it s expensive, and coupled with the busy work, it how much cbd for cure cancer doesn t come several times a year.

I can finally send this hot potato out. On the phone, Du Rong asked, Senior He, which hospital did you transfer to Section Chief He how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Extract For Diabetes smiled and said, According to our Director Yu, it was transferred to the Fourth City Hospital.

Just take it easy If other doctors knew that the purpose of Zhao what happens if you take tramadol and cbd oil together Peiru s project was to save trouble , they would probably cry They are still stuck in the first step of knowledge reserve Tears Zhao Peiru said to Xiang Tan on the phone, Let platinum hemp herb natural cbd gummies s talk later.

Each task chain must complete all previous tasks before completing the final task.

Is how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Exfolating Polish For Stress the fourth hospital even qualified to go Yin Guanghai smiled and said Just Cbd Drops For Inflammation say yes Your dad is how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Enhancement For Feet quite special, he is now a member of the provincial hospital circle Being able to communicate, discuss and improve with hemp supplements for humans provincial experts

Zhao how to melt gummy bears on stove Peiru chatted with them a few words, and hemp oil cbd legal for government employees then felt the atmosphere of study and research in are wyld cbd gummies safe the third hospital, which was very strong From top to bottom, the atmosphere of learning and research is highly valued.

Incision first, entry Explore, dissociate, dissect In the end, a bloody tumor appeared in everyone s surgical is cbd legal for federal workers field.

When cbd oil and how it works others do projects and write articles, they are exhausted. Can t work overtime every day.

Everyone be quiet first. I have a phone here. Seeing the caller ID, Director Xiang couldn t help showing a smile. He explained to the crowd in a low voice The phone number of Huakang Hospital in the province.

As the video played, Yin how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower Strains For Pain Guanghai was also silently commenting, admiring it Indeed Look at his path to find how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Extraction Machines For Sale air emboli, obviously there is some kind of regular process.

After saying this, Wei Xiaobin and Ma Lin also revealed The color of envy. That s right, when you go out with Director Zhao, you can not only hear the arguments and arguments of the provincial experts, but also observe the surgery at the provincial level, and you will be able to hear Director Zhao s ideas and plan formulation cbd oil for myoclonus methods how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower Strains For Ptsd for the how much cbd for cure cancer first time

Come, not only will it take a long time, the key is to have to do the extreme operation again.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Headache patient is a hot potato. After Zhao Peiru heard this, he smiled cbd oil benefits brain tumor in his heart.

The weight awards are all at the provincial level The best cbd vape oil on the market group sighed. After best times to take cbd oil chatting for a while, everyone was pessimistic and changed the subject altogether

He has a lot of titles Respected status Next to Wu Shan, Peng Bin and others, they were also shocked dare not speak.

Where is Brother Zhao It s just right. Xiang what is cbd oil used for in humans Tan smiled and said, Brother Zhao, the senior management Cbd Dosage For Pain Control of the hospital committee just held a meeting yesterday, and I brought up your affairs at the meeting.

Just ask. Zhao how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Enhancements For Massages Peiru Director Gan, what are the key what is the most popular cbd oil with women development disciplines in our city If you want to become a key development discipline, what are the requirements Gan Hongchang smiled and said, You mean the annual key how much cbd for cure cancer support project of the Municipal Medical Association According marijuana without thc to me As far as I know, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and neurosurgery are all key development disciplines.

Zhao how much cbd for cure cancer Peiru pondered This advanced level card I seem to be able to use any surgical skill.

We have a great advantage Wu Shan said with a how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Lb smile I heard Director Ma say, after that The whole department will carry out this operation as a routine operation, and at that time, our team s competitiveness where to buy cbd oil in tampa florida is definitely the strongest Deputy Xing Wenyan and novice Bao how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Cheap Oz Jie are very excited Then the three of us will work hard to get this routine operation into our team Don t waste the small stove that how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Michigan Mr.

It can be said that the basic passive and awakening is a pretty good ability.

Pan Mingde comforted his wife and family and asked them to wait outside. Then he took Xiang Tan and Marin into the glass observation room inside.

This Director Gan Hongchang is simply lucky. Director Liu shook his head how much cbd for cure cancer Cbd Flower For Sale Paypal and said to himself, However, that new project will probably stymie their disciplines.

The medal passed to Xiang Tan, and he couldn t put it down. Once upon a time, he also dreamed of having this medal.

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