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As long as they get to know them a little bit, they will know that Zhao Peiru will retire in just one more year.

As soon as the news came out, it triggered an applause from netizens across the country.

The data is relatively good, but it has not been published. So we actually, should be able to come in second.

Mou Baiyun smiled bitterly There are many difficulties in both cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower With No Thc For Sale cbd for acute pain and swelling parts. He thought of the sub project he was working on recently, and asked For cbd cream canada for pain example, in the loop stoma I m doing now, the intestinal tube is often twisted cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Libido during the stoma.

Even the various rehabilitation data after the operation show good results. The removed part of the colorectal cancer is gradually getting better.

President Zhao, this is a confidentiality agreement. Liao Qingyi took out a hemp oil for ibs document and asked Zhao Peiru to sign it.

Deng Guangxing also got interested, looked at Zhao Peiru with a smile, stretched out his hand and said, gifts for her cbd bath Academician Zhao, I will cause you trouble.

The problem lies in the lack of sufficient and necessary preoperative preparations.

This time, President Wang and other administrative staff discussed major events about the next annual medical festival.

1.cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Drops For Anxiety Canada

The two had an in depth exchange nearest cbd shop on the short cut end hepatobiliary jejunal stapler.

The cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower Enough For Depression doctor said that it was solved because of the double patch technology. At that time, he also specially searched for this pair of patch technology, and by the way, he found Academician Zhao Peiru and his brilliant achievements.

Awarded the title of hemp bombs cbd gummies price safety ambassador on the operating table Everyone in the room laughed, and they all knew that this was a rare moment for Old Zou to joke.

Sex technology In fact, this security technology is considered to be a medium level technology in the Kyoto Kanghe Treatment Center.

At this time, Academician Zou Bin saw some comments in the comment area. Immediately understood that the main sword was replaced.

In the future, I will also become such how many gummies are in a bag a good doctor. Dad smiled and said, Okay, then you cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Edibles For Sleep Sold Near Me have to study eagle hemp cbd gummies website hard and get admitted to our Kyoto Medical University first.

Academician Zhou looked at the other academicians Our habitual thinking needs best cbd for pain amazon to be changed.

This also means that the difficulty of this task chain is unprecedented. Thinking about it, he has to be the top in the world, and he has to be the chief expert in the world.

The sentence I m at ease with you may be the highest compliment they have ever heard from Academician Liao in their entire lives.

All the team members are so happy that they want to cheer at this moment. That is, when google adwords for cbd Zhao Peiru live broadcasts the operation, their data can reach the highest level in the entire board one 90 minute full body massage with cbd oil and can crush all other teams.

The person next to him quickly replied. Writing for so long No wonder just now, when he was looking at the two pieces of A4 paper, he had been vaguely hearing the sound of rapid keyboard tapping.

Kyoto, cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Fail Drug Test For Thc Shenshuitan Hospital. After seeing the paper, Director Lei Rong praised it several times.

Academician Liao, look, these are the solutions we have just brainstormed and brainstormed, but we are not satisfied with them.

2.Cbd Dose For Alcoholism cbd oil benefits for kids

Not gastric cancer Everyone s eyes widened. This gastroscope has been directly seen, it is a space occupying lesion, is it not gastric cancer Lei Rong asked in confusion, Academician Zhao, do you think it s gastric tuberculosis Everyone was also very puzzled.

Just a few steps away from the reconstruction of the digestive tract. Huh Professor Dong Yuanheng frowned slightly.

The reason for cannacares cbd oil the Eagle cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower Strains For Ptsd Country is that it ranked first cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale Tennessee in the world s public laboratory data before, and naturally many media ran over.

All the observers present were also stunned, and immediately, they all showed envious expressions.

Mouth surgery, right Mu Baiyun subconsciously said, Yes, the patient s bowel is exposed at the moment when the bowel is pulled out, so an ostomy must be done as soon as possible to reduce the time the wound is exposed to the air.

I joined this group. Zhao Peiru dialed the contact number on the invitation letter

not coming. Valem cbd oil benefits for kids Zhao Peiru said with a smile I have something to delay for a day, but I will be able to go Valem cbd oil benefits for kids this afternoon.

The absorption function is also conducive to the balance of water and electrolytes, reducing the postoperative cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Energy For Workouts recovery period of intravenous infusion, and thus achieving the purpose of shortening the entire treatment period.

This organizer is also an old friend of Zhao Peiru. He had come to heli pure cbd gummies Huaxia specially before, and met Zhao Peiru once in order to introduce the cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Effect For Cancer Patients technology of early gastric cancer to the world.

An old academician next to him said helplessly Before I went abroad, I had already done data.

There are several treatment methods for spontaneous rectal rupture. Among them, resection of the diseased intestinal segment and proximal ostomy, repair of perforation and proximal ostomy, and perforated intestinal segment External fistulas are the most well known.

He would not go, but was willing to stay in China and devote himself to developing the domestic chip industry.

It is said that Academician Zou Bin and Academician Xu Qin will arrive later, and many top teams in China will come over.

President Zhao, we came here and we didn t help you with anything No. Zhao Peiru said with a smile, This is just the first direction of the subject.

But as soon as Zhao Peiru came back, he directly broke the routine, jumped out of the old thinking, and proposed more targeted techniques for this patient.

It went so well They recalled the process of cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Fact For People Who Are Afraid To Take It this operation. Any step of the operation gummies made with cbd optimal choice cbd reviews of the chief surgeon Zhao Peiru was an effective operation, and there was no one step wasted.

When Dong Yuanheng hit the knife just now, he realized that something was wrong, and when Dong Yuanheng went to measure and compare, he also realized that it was irreversible.

In the end, Zhao Peiru said with cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale Tennessee a smile It s fine, it doesn t matter, I first performed radical cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Insomnia surgery cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Inflammation for Hirschsprung s disease, and then ventricular septal defect surgery.

Middle and high level obesity treatment centers Participating representatives from the other four provinces in the cbd gummies pueblo southeastern region

Even taking it out in batches, I dare not do it directly. Or, tell the patient that it s too early, and let the patient observe it for 50 mg of cbd oil a while.

When I heard it, my heart cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Libido suddenly moved So many top doctors gathered What kind of crazy special patient is this coming from After a while, cbd oil benefits for kids cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale In Tn Cao Youtian took someone to the elevator entrance of the inpatient department.

Zhao Peiru carefully looked at the specific tasks behind. Task 1 In a medical research project, improve a superb technology for advanced colon cancer, and achieve good therapeutic effects.

Zhao Peiru looked at Task 5. Became the chairman of the Pancreas Branch of the National Anti Cancer Association.

Everyone happily shared what they heard. is charlottes web cbd oil legal in missouri 2023 I heard from the railway hospital that Academician Zhao s method is very effective.

Academician Mu also made cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Every Day Or As Needed For Anxiety a phone call with the cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Extraction License For Sale president of the Medical Association of Anhui Province.

But as a student, he must take on the obligations of a student, which is to respect the teacher and the Tao.

Gao Ju kept his eyes on the shunt machine, and said at this time The shunt is successful.

And task three is a natural task, Cbd Dose For Anxiety Reddit which is equivalent to saying, Zhao Peiru just asked Academician Liao, Academician Qin, and Academician Xie to nominate himself.

quest chain. Task chain name As the deputy director of cbd oil benefits for kids the National Institute of Gastric Tumor Research.

The state is often not stingy with medical and scientific research units that can produce results.

Beside, Academician Xu Qin also Dao The reason why Wu Peimin, the god of medicine, is called the god of medicine by all Chinese people is because he not only has excellent medical skills, but also has a huge international influence.

However, when the jejunal loop and the lower duodenum anastomosed, everyone s mood suddenly cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale North Hollywood tightened Oops, this anastomosis distance doesn t seem to be enough

Probably going home to rest. Zhao Peiru read his medical statement and understood that obesity has caused a variety of concurrent diseases.

Please make certain achievements and gain a certain status in the field of digestive surgery lower digestive tract colon.

The hospital leaders of Hexie Hospital hurriedly came forward to receive them.

For medical benefits of hemp cbd oil a time, countless is there scientific research on the use of cbd oil on painful keloids orders flew to the medical device company like scraps of paper.

This living fossil senior who cbd oil for weed withdrawal has been standing on the operating table for a lifetime, will one day admit that he can no longer hold the scalpel, and his hands begin to tremble.

His cbd lifesaver gummies seventh task is to have an internationally renowned influence in the field topical cannabis cream of rectal cancer, and cbd for add and adhd his ninth task is to serve cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Libido as the chief expert Cbd Dose For Pain Management cbd oil benefits for kids consultant in Cbd Dose For Pain Management cbd oil benefits for kids the digestive field of the international medical cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale In Texas and health organization expert group.

Zhao Peiru welcomed several unexpected guests. Is the official staff of Weibo.

It cbd hemp seed for slale was proposed by an expert named Zhao Peiru. Although Academician Weng Xian has does cbd oil really work for diabetes probiotic gummy advance a general understanding of the courage Knowledge in the field of buy cbd oil with high thc ductal cancer, but I don t quite understand the specific cbd really works for anxiety technical concepts.

Moreover, now all over the world, I don t know how many eyes are gathered here, because of this latest digestive tract reconstruction technology.

Gently cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Edibles For Sleeping close it. After the test, several researchers were already shaking with excitement This will definitely sell, definitely sell Before this, the closure of blood vessels larger than three millimeters would result in high costs, and cbd oil benefits for kids it also required cbd oil and ticks extremely high surgical experience, level, skills, etc.

At that time, with the addition of medical and aesthetic plastic surgery methods, it will be completely scarless, traceless, and colorless.

The cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower By For The People fourth level, flying over the Grand Canyon. The fifth level, jumping mushrooms.

After Zhao Peiru finished his instructions, he showed satisfaction, and he did not need to do the rest of the work.

It can be Cbd Dose For Pain Management cbd oil benefits for kids said cbd oil to help with sleep that these valuable experiences are not limited to the precautions for this patient, and are also common to many elderly patients who are intolerant.

Now the province is fully supporting Zhao Peiru s project. No matter what the cbd gummies santa monica project team puts forward, it is the first priority in the province.

Yes, Academician Zhao has a lot of ideas, and just implementing his ideas is enough to make These two types of occluders and staplers have been cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Education For Pharmacists made.

Brother Liao, have you tried to change your mind about this problem Zhao Peiru s words made Liao Qingyi annoyed.

After the finishing work is also completed, the surgical data is summarized.

Liang Binbin of the Hai Shi team waited an extra cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Headache day in Jiangnan Province, but did not receive a call from Zhao Peiru.

In patients with low rectal cancer, the residual rectum is often very short because the resection position is too cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Fact For People Who Are Afraid To Take It low.

Zhao Peiru cbd oil benefits for kids what strength of cbd oil should i take for stroke symptoms smiled and said to Zhan Tong, director of the section, Let your people disband, I ll just go for a walk, nothing else.

Of course, it is also good luck to meet Zhao Peiru in this case. Otherwise, it will be misdiagnosed, and when colon cancer is found at an advanced stage in the future, it will be too late

But I played it one by one, every time I failed, every time I thought about it, I went to sleep after cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Exfolating Polish For Relief winning one.

After all, everyone is very busy now. If one person in the family is sick, if they go to other places for treatment, the whole best cbd oil balm cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale Ebay family has to be busy, which is very troublesome.

If such a big guy at the academician level of the Academy of Sciences can serve him as an assistant, it would be very useful.

In terms of 4corner cbd for pets content, both of these two types of closure devices are introduced, how much change they can bring to the industry, and how much convenience and improvement they can bring cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Extraction Business For Sal to gastric tumor surgery.

Lin Jinsong suddenly understood Zhao cbd oil benefits for kids Peiru s thoughts. Others thought that Zhao Peiru wanted to get close to him last time.

Academician Zou Bin proposed it. It can be said that half of the current pancreatic medicine textbooks are compiled by Academician Zou Bin.

They only report negative news in the country, and in the face of this great success, they pretend to be blind and deaf

This live broadcast ended successfully Congratulations, you have completed the fourth task formulate new cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Inflammation norms in the field of gastric cancer in the elderly.

The reward for Mission 3 is a golden preview card. He had used the golden preview card twice in a row before, and he had already used up all his inventory.

Fu Cheng probably couldn healthy cbd for pets statements have not been evaluated t see the edge of the tumor, couldn t determine the location of the aorta, and didn t know how to cut the knife, so he called me.

Just the news will bring them huge popularity, which is very helpful for them to apply cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Inflammation for national fame.

He looked at the new quest chain in his mind, three missions, should always be able to come across one, right His task chain does not pay attention to the order of completion.

The itinerant nurse in charge is cbd gummies legal in missouri of wiping his sweat became the busiest in the entire operating room.

I heard that Academician Zhao said that considering that there are 1500mg cbd oil vape for sale not many patients with severe rectal prolapse nationwide, and they are relatively scattered, there may only be thousands of such patients in the country, so the nationwide tour operation cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Effectiveness For Chronic Neuropathy is required.

And among these patients, 56 People who have beautiful cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower Strain For Seizures requirements. Zhao cbd company logos Peiru took over The current treatment methods are mainly homes for sale in sydney cbd gastric bypass surgery and gastric cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Relaxation sleeve resection.

Today, we will test the Cbd E Liquid For A Baby Beast closure effect of Academician Zhao s ligation speed system of more than seven millimeters texas board of pharmacy and cbd oil to ten millimeters of blood how often should i use cbd oil vessels.

The other leaders happen to be absent, so I cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Edibles Rochester Ny For Anxiety have to go back. Jia Yanjun nodded A megacolon patient In Jiangnan Province, there is really no good treatment for this patient with megacolon.

Sister Shi, what s going on with your group, why are you going to have an example operation so soon Have you completed the theoretical stage Has the simulation part been completed Shi Weiping explained We completed the theoretical stage cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale Lb yesterday afternoon, The cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale In Bulk cbd oil benefits for kids simulation deduction part completed last night.

And Zhao Peiru is also very effective in solving the big card points. As a result, their research group has overcome the entire technical difficulties of the dual mirror technology in just two days.

At the two hour cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Drops For Psoriasis time limit, the heads of each expert group gathered to exchange ideas from each group.

The three quickly found the elevator, went upstairs, and walked to Zhao Peiru s venue.

Many people also discovered Indeed, at that moment, Teacher Zhao Peiru was like a burning candle, and suddenly it cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower Strain For Sleep was burning vigorously.

After deducting what he used before, he still has 50 hours of operation status card time, which can be said to be profound.

He himself, well Cbd Dose For Pain Management cbd oil benefits for kids aware of how bad his body is. But he also has the same expectation of life, thinking that he can live for a few more years, so that the project in his hand can be completed and the technology in his brain can be passed on.

The technique is superb There is also the explanation in the video, which seems to be what he said while doing the operation.

Guang. Over there, cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Edibles For Tooth Pain Academician Zheng thought about it and said, Perhaps, you can ask Academician Zhao Peiru s opinion.

Even in the last trip to Italy, there were not so many people. Academician Zhao, welcome Academician Zhou, Academician Pang and others came up to shake hands one after another.

With the replacement of the formula, the number of blind luck hits was directly reduced by half.

In the high end discourse in the entire industry, the evaluation of Zhao Peiru s project and thesis is very can you be fired for cbd oil high

The current main knife should be Director Zhao Peiru, right It should be Director Zhao Peiru, but he is cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Exfolating Polish For Hydration coming up now, and he will continue to show the jejunum.

On the other hand, Huaxia did not do anything. First, a jejunal loop was made and placed between the esophagus and the duodenum.

Spiritual energy permanent card, experience value card cbd assorted gummies 800,000. Unfinished Task 5 Obtain four batches of national funds for projects.

They have been stuck for four months, and they can t find a suitable solution.

It can be said that Zhao Peiru s thinking is completely unrestrained, and he is not imprisoned by the old knowledge system at all.

This is the perfect level. Earning experience points is really fast. Next step Zhao Peiru looked at the last task of this task chain.

Elder Liang, you have to take good care of your illness and your body. After your illness is cured and discharged from the hospital, you can t work so hard.

If there is enough time at the beginning, Fu Cheng and Zhao Peiru will definitely finalize the details of this new operation in ecogels hemp extract reviews detail, and then Fu Cheng cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale Ebay himself will continue to be the main surgeon of this operation.

After the body surface marking is completed, all preoperative preparations are completed.

In this way, even a cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Extract For Athletes single hole can cbd oil make you feel itchy operation is not too complicated With a field of vision and room for manipulation, even an ordinary surgeon can do it Before everyone, when I heard that this single hole was going to be made, the pressure in my heart was actually a lot Because the fewer holes, the smaller the operating space.

At this time, the provinces that have arrived early have already checked into the surrounding hotels.

Ah, I m scratching it, it s been several days, I can t sleep well When I dream every day, I can dream of your technique It s hard to meet today, it s 8 o clock in the evening, There are still four hours pot gummies for pain relief left, so let s have a good chat.

After completing this task chain, I will get all the achievements of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

The bodies of several family members suddenly trembled like a sieve. The doctor said Our initial diagnosis is that even if it is cancer, it is an early stage cancer.

One is cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Sale In Nc us, the other is Bangguo s team, and the other is Ruiguo s team. Team.

Even Director Fu Cheng committed a difficult operation, why is Director Zhao Peiru taking over In the comment area, hundreds of doubtful comments slipped through.

The people who stayed cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower Strains For Ptsd were chatting here, and Zhao Peiru also looked new legal in indiana on cbd oil at other cases incidentally.

To put it in vernacular, I always feel that Dean Zhao Peiru is going to make trouble again Moreover, every time Dean Zhao performed an operation, it was like he was carving a work of art.

Medical delegations from ten countries, each with fifty patients, competed. Only the last day is left, so hurry up and submit the data.

Peng Shu was taken aback. New anastomosis technology Not using your own bundled pancreaticojejunostomy Academician Peng Shu, who was stranded at the airport, couldn t figure it out.

As soon as the news came out, the entire online public opinion was shocked. The Jiangnan where can i get the most natural and pures cbd oil in spray form team is simple comfort cbd oil reviews going to conduct the first instance test So fast No, didn t they just set up the project team not long ago The Kyoto and Haishi teams have been working for two months, but biospectrum cbd they are stuck and have no progress, so they gave up and started to do other Cbd Dose For Anxiety Reddit topics first, but Cbd Dose For Anxiety Reddit this Jiangnan team, just a few days after they said they would do this direction, actually cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Face Masks For Sale had to do it.

The vice president smiled and shook hands Director Jia, Director Wang, hello, hello The leaders of chicago cbd gummies the province above have already called in the morning, so I ll take you there.

on cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Fail Drug Test For Thc the plane. Congratulations, you have completed the second task applying advanced concepts in the field of pancreatic head cancer.

Soon, Zhao Peiru arrived in New York. As soon as he came, Academician Zhou, Academician Pang and others seemed to have found the backbone, and quickly explained the situation to Zhao Peiru and complained cbd gummie laws in california to him.

When Zhao Peiru asked, Jia Yanjun immediately called up the record. It s Yuan Zhenqiao, head of the gastroenterology department.

The other end punctures the outer edge of the left liver and passes through the abdominal wall under cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower Shake For Sale the left rib cage.

The rarer the better, you can refer to this book. Either way, as long as you can find the patient.

The more influential the project is, cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Drops For Psoriasis the more research points they can earn.

Talking with one s lips and explaining their technique, it is especially suitable for them.

They are all simple illnesses, and they can be hemp strains for cbd oil handed over to the people below.

it feels more exciting than President Zhao s previous improvement of Academician Peng Shu s bundled pancreaticojejunostomy The improvement of Academician Peng Shu s anastomosis method is to avoid pancreatic fistula and improve the second half the probability of survival.

This momentum, but I can t reduce it. Academician Zou Bin was in high spirits and did not listen to the persuasion of the students at all.

President Zhao, look at what they think of us. Zhao Peiru took it and took a look, smiled and put the screenshot cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Extractors For Sale aside.

As Zhao Peiru s assistant, Mu Sisi came to handle the formalities cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Inflammation for Zhao Peiru.

Soon, experts in Cbd Dose For Anxiety Reddit the field of colon cancer from all over the country gathered in Kyoto.

Then do an operation and do a nationwide live broadcast. The above also gradually realized that Zhao benefitsof cbd oil Peiru Cbd E Liquid For A Baby Beast s live broadcast Cbd E Liquid For A Baby Beast operation is very efficient.

It s all like this, how can I do cbd oil power 5000 with moringa para que sirve laparoscopic surgery During the operation, once such a large blood vessel cannot be closed, the resulting massive bleeding may immediately kill sour watermelon gummy platinum x cbd the patient It is very possible to directly reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate, fail to rescue, and die on the operating table Forget it, will i fail a drug test on cbd oil let s just guess, it s not a solution, let s wait for Academician Zhao to come.

He was so focused on cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Ejuice Strength For Novice the operation just now that he couldn t notice anything except the patient in front of him and Zhao Peiru, who needed to cooperate with him.

Let s go to the return operation, and gradually develop it in depth Up to now, Academician Zhao has executed every skill and detail perfectly.

Isn t that the place where Academician Zhao Peiru recently developed a new single hole new technology Sure enough, Professor Shu Yun smiled at him and said We cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Inflammation sincerely invite you to participate in our project.

Instead of first free the cecum, resect the Cbd Dose For Anxiety Reddit rest of the colon, and finally cecorectal anastomosis.

Hai Shi. platinum hemp herb natural cbd gummies review Expert Xie Miao from Rising Sun Hospital had been waiting for news from the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Medical University after flying back from Kyoto.

Today, I don t know how many people are guarding their mobile phones, waiting for news from here

You two help me pay attention to rare cases in the field of liver and gallbladder.

Many patients with rectal prolapse have also heard of this new technology. Countless patients have asked the local hospitals that receive them for this new procedure.

Zhao Peiru also agreed immediately. Vice President Wang helped him at the previous meeting of the International Medical and Health Organization.

Congratulations, you have completed the Mission 3 Become thc free cbd oil ratings a member of the National Gastroenterology Professional Committee

For them, this day cbd oil for toddlers with autism is a festival for practitioners in effects of 250 mg cbd gummies all their industries. On this day, it is very refreshing to see the Huaxia Medical Delegation take the first place.

Sure enough, Zheng Yuan said President Zhao said that he has a way to solve the preoperative positioning, and we don t need us.

M cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Headaches Even Academician Zhao Peiru represents a certain auspicious and festive meaning.

3 absorbable thread for suture cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Flower For Inflammation fixation, and replace the original method of clipping cbd oil benefits for kids Cbd Drops For Psoriasis Vaseline.

After Zhao Peiru had an in depth understanding, he also understood what this scientific research direction was going to do.

After explaining Lei Rong on the phone, Zhao Peiru got up. Come on a business trip with me, we re going to Kyoto.

The patient s condition is a little bit worse, but this is not the most important reason for him to use the golden preview card.

Before, he consumed 10 million experience points for exchange The perfect surgical card.

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