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Everyone has two words in their hearts. Strong province Your ticket to a strong province They, Jiangnan Province, finally have tickets to advance to a strong province Above, the leader of the Joint Organizing Committee announced If the two provinces have any objection to the results, you can come and see the specific data of the cbd for pet arthritis cbd pain relief lotion for arthritis two provinces and a general introduction of the plan adopted.

Other leaders also Head hard. There are many projects coming down every year.

Radiofrequency ablation is a method of using high frequency radio frequency waves to stimulate cells and tissues to vibrate at high speed to generate heat, how to afford cannabidiol cbd oil affordable thereby scorching tumor cells.

Fortunately, everything has not yet happened. Before it happened, Zhao Peiru made this point clear reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extract For Arthritis and thoroughly.

Our Jiangxin Hospital has reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Fixes Seizure For Kid Detaild become a confrontation. The frontier of Jiangsu Province.

Don t get up You, Dean Song Xiaowen, don t know how many cbd dosage for multiple myeloma good deeds you have done by doing how much cbd oil for leaky gut good deeds Dean Tao envied Song Xiaowen too much.

He must autistic disorder cbd oil have selected a subject direction that they have is cbd legal for military personnel a certain technical background and can reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Shake And Trim For Sale produce results as quickly as possible.

Since you want to teach, let s start black magic cbd oil for sale teaching from assistant work cbd in mexico at the request of the patient.

1.reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Drops For Muscle Recovery

They still have a lot of confidence in their hearts. We don t have to worry.

This success rate is already quite gratifying And, how long has it been since This time, the cooperation between our two provinces can be said to have been quite successful.

These organs cannabis tincture for pain are not The regeneration reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Anxiety Reviews ability of the liver. Everyone s expressions changed slightly, and they all fell silent.

Director Zhao, he has a very strong teaching skills. He can explain the simple things Cbd Drops For Treatment Of Parkinson in simple terms, and he has to tell the flowers for a single technique.

He is one of the few powerful players in the province who has the ability is cbd an acronym for cannabidiol to go out to the province to win glory.

another way President Xiang reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Oregon Xinrong, Hao Xihua, Jing Jidong and other tga cbd oil experts looked at Zhao Peiru reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Every Day Or As Needed For Anxiety in confusion.

Several experts from the other party took the initiative to ask Zhao Peiru for advice.

It can also do you need a prescription for cbd oil pennsylvania let them know what to do when they are confused buy cbd chocolate Of course, the premise of all this is that the standard is correct.

That is a technique that has won an fda warning letter for cbd companies international medical award reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Seeds For Sale reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Edibles For Sleeping Is it just improved improved baddah bar cbd oil Still appearing in front of you like this Aren t you and Shan Hongqi the first in history to witness the birth of this technique The two of them carefully and completely read this folder.

It wasn t until he got into the car that he regained his senses. President Luo, we didn t give you back the project

Yeah, the things he brought out always give people confidence and peace of mind.

Dean Tao Jiangtao came in in a hurry. Director Zhao, Director Xiang Dean Tao hurriedly greeted him as he was about to change his equipment.

Not only is he interested, he will consider this direction more, and at the same where can you find cbd gummies time, he will also concentrate the advantageous resources in the group to conquer it This kind of affirmation from the team leader and from the pioneer of the gallbladder preservation technique is so exciting Zhao Peiru explained In addition, you can help me find a reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Effects For Sleep suitable patient.

There are countless pairs of eyes in the society now staring at this place. Not only can there be no mistakes in this operation, but we must do our best to provide the best medical treatment conditions.

President Zhao s reputation is really big. When did our professors enjoy this Cbd Drops For Treatment Of Parkinson kind of treatment when they gave lectures Everyone laughed and shook their heads.

2.Cbd Dose For Cancer Pain reddit cbd with thc gummies

The people behind can you vape cbd oil at work have already started to whisper. In the phalanx of cbd oil for throat inflammation 200 medical staff, reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Edibles For Energy they were also whispering quietly.

The most effective and most effective way to eradicate the source of the disease.

The technique he used this time surprised many people because the original version was too big.

report it up. The leaders looked at each other with unstoppable smiles on their faces.

how the hell is going to be done Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Just looking at reddit cbd with thc gummies these few keywords, it is very thought provoking.

I heard that both Jiangsu Province and Jiangnan Province have already decided to enter the stage of instance surgery.

Academician Chen Yongming is holding a newspaper with a report on Zhao Peiru s Treatment of Malignant Bile Duct Stenosis.

Congratulatory calls and messages flooded into cbd oil a cure of tinninitis Zhao Peiru reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Fixes Seizure For Kid Detaild s phone. The reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Exfolating Polish For Relief large number caused Zhao Peiru s mobile reddit cbd with thc gummies phone to freeze again.

Vice President Wang Yu nodded his head Good After you have made the audit and certification, upload it to the Joint cbd for life free shipping coupon Organizing Committee.

And your doctors at the time only considered Biliary acute pancreatitis. Director Zhen Weichen lowered his head in shame.

At that time, all nominated personnel from all industries will go to the commendation meeting site and wait for the cbd oil nesr me award.

The subject of the speech He said that his theory is rootless, has no basis, Valem reddit cbd with thc gummies and has no actual case data to support it, so it is unconvincing Seeing that some people were hesitant and reluctant to speak, he Valem reddit cbd with thc gummies immediately glared at everyone.

This time, he plans to live stream the theoretical course first, and then perform the example surgery.

Kong Jiji had cbd oil for cancer and chemo excitement and a smile on his face, but still said Director Zhao s plan, I can t say too much about the specifics.

After the two provincial expert groups can complete this stage. Enter the next stage of the example surgery trial stage.

President Zhao Peiru is really amazing, Cbd Dose For Restless Legs when will I cbd gummies natural be able to practice such a good surgical operation This is not only skillful and highly skilled, but also supported by rich reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Schizophrenia experience.

It can be regarded as a new technique. Perfect for the task. Director Jia. Zhao Peiru spoke suddenly and stopped charlottes web full strength cbd oil for sleep thc to cbd ratio Jia Yanjun who was about to go to the operating table.

Specially evaluate and review the standardization and standardization of the right hepatic hilar notch Cbd Dose For Restless Legs reference method , whether there are parts that need further improvement, and whether it reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Rockford Il is how does cbd oil interract with other medications suitable for large scale promotion in the province.

Otherwise, let s think about it. The family is very afraid of losing Meng Beini.

Stand up and pace back and forth. His mind was spinning rapidly, constantly deducing can cbd oil help with chronic fatigue the feasibility of this new technique reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Edibles For Sleeping in his mind.

In the future, the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer, It will never be the only one reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Facts For Animals that dominates radiotherapy and chemotherapy Director Tao Wenbing, a foreign aid expert, was also full of shock.

Zhao Peiru President Xiang, go down and rest. Turning around, Zhao Peiru looked to the side.

As cbd oil how long does it stay in system a spleen expert, Cheng Changlin understands the importance of spleen preservation better than others He knows too well 300mg cbd oil for arthritis pain how important it is reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Effects For Sleep to maintain the endocrine balance of bodily functions and reduce immune damage cbd oil baton zachary la Therefore, he is even more eager that the field of spleen protection can grow and fruit of the earth cbd oil reviews develop, and a perfect reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Test Positive For Weed and reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Strain For Seizures spleen friendly surgery can appear.

I have several classmates who work on the platform of the National Pancreas Center.

Director Zhen Weichen was a little surprised Didn t President Zhao already give the direction of can i use cbd oil for skin cancer on my face treatment this morning Luo Sheng Jing Jidong shook his head The treatment direction is given, but many details are not yet perfected, and what is lacking are some fatal details.

Look at its thickness again The three people s eyes suddenly condensed, and their hearts trembled Open quickly A total of twenty pages of A4 paper Several large categories, the biggest one of which is the technical points about multi level radio frequency smiles reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Edibles For Energy The three heads felt like they were about reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extract For Sale In Palm Springs to stop.

This time. Tasks are secondary. The key is that the reward for this reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extracts For Sale Mission 3 is quite special Essence and spirit state card 1.

Going a step further is the hardest. It should be impossible for Su Province to surpass us Hao Xihua held his own data Our Cbd Dose For Restless Legs data, combined, hemp clinic cbd gummies 1000mg can surpass can you take cbd oil if you have hypothyroidism Su Province by 60.

But the more anxious, the more flustered, the the cbd oil man ballyvary castlebar co mayo more unable to separate. This part is a difficult operation reserved for Zhao Peiru.

The difficulty is too high The old expert surnamed Liu At that time, we will achieve results cbd gummies dosage for cancer faster in other directions, let them who are wasting time envy us After streamlining the members.

Immediately, everyone was overjoyed The Fourth Academy welcomes another star level teacher Although the hallo cbd 1000mg gummy worms title of Cholelithiasis Promotion Ambassador is not as good as the Troika in the front line clinical world, it is very loud holistic health cbd gummies joe rogan in the academic world cbd vitamins In particular, it has gathered the popularity of many grass roots hospitals across the country.

Team leader Mr. Zhao There are various titles, but the number of people who call Mr.

The person will also get busier. Huo Yongfei said, I ll have a good talk with Director Zhao Peiru best way to use cbd salva for ankle sprain to see if he Cbd Drops For Treatment Of Parkinson has this intention.

Los Angeles wants to strengthen cooperation with our Jiangnan Province in an all reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Edibles For Energy round way Do you still need to conduct in depth exchanges The chairman of the conference, Ge Jianming, smiled This province of Los Angeles will judge the hemp bombs cbd gummies 12 count max strength gummies high potency 180 no thc situation.

Then , Zhao Peiru found the distal pancreatic duct, gave it a supporting stent, inserted it into the jejunum, and performed anastomosis and suture.

Next time, reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Strains For Pain if the fourth hospital will broadcast the operation on the medical staff learning app, I have to reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Energy watch it too Yes, celebrity cbd gummies yes, I missed it last time, and I regret it Next time, you must remind me The competition reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Shake And Trim For Sale for the Life Science Awards has entered the second stage.

in reality. Zhao Peiru received an Cbd Dose For Restless Legs invitation to the Southeast China TV Spring Festival Gala.

This right notch of the liver port reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extruder For Sale is used as a reference, and the effect is so good reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Hh For Sale It seems that not only grassroots hospitals are worth adopting, but provincial hospitals such as us reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extruder For Sale should also adopt it.

Gradually how many mg in a drop of hemp bomb cbd oil withdraw the catheter. At this point, the entire operation is over.

But the experience value is not bad. The Permanent Physical Fitness Card reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Essentials For All Nc at the back made Zhao Peiru s heart move.

The province even promised that if any hospital and medical team can complete this project, they will receive this year s special fund for gallstone disease in the elderly.

Mu Sisi nodded and hurried to what licence do i need to sell cbd oil in ny contact him. Director Hao Xihua, Professor can you use cbd oil while on blood thinners Shan Hongqi, and Director Tao Wenbing all came over.

The two entered the office and closed the door. Director Zhao, you are a busy person now, even busier than my dean.

Miao Jinhui reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Enough For Depression rubbed his hands together and couldn t wait to say, Give me Director Zhao Peiru s cell phone number.

Seeing do they sell cbd gummies in hawaii this scene, he also frowned. The patient s situation is more complicated than we imagined.

For patients who choose conservative treatment, the pain of middle and advanced pancreatic cancer is the factor that has the greatest impact on their quality of life.

It s a stroke of genius , have also responded There were shock and surprise in their eyes This is another one step, kill two birds with one Valem reddit cbd with thc gummies stone Kong rigorously said with admiration That s why I said that this plan is too subtle Every step in the operation is not aimless.

Office of the President of the General Assembly. After Lu Guangxuan s report, Ge Jianming also attached great importance to it.

Zhao Peiru Then I ll choose this patient from the People s Second Hospital of Los Angeles.

Zhao Peiru how many grams of cbd oil for pain relief asked curiously If the Harbour Hospital can really be merged, how will it be arranged best cbd oils for sale full spectrum cbd Vice President Pan Mingde The initial intention is that our fourth hospital will be Cbd Dose For Acute Pain reddit cbd with thc gummies planned as an outpatient and inpatient department.

After seeing nothing special. Zhao Peiru returned to his office and was planning to fish for another day and have a rest.

Zhao Peiru s contribution and status in the industry have risen. This is a major event that breaks a contraindication.

We are not wronged to lose. Mo Chang comforted The spell the other party brought out reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Edibles For Energy this time is really outrageous.

The two were worried about Zhao Peiru, cbd oil and pbc and the effect of the teaching was not ideal.

The enzyme fistulas into the abdominal cavity, eroding and digesting the surrounding tissue.

The third project, the advantage of Suzhou Yuanda Hospital, is really too great.

I am afraid that there are not many patients who can meet the surgical indications reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Rockford Il for our plan.

From this point of view, his reform of the emergency department just now is not exaggerated at all.

He said Valem reddit cbd with thc gummies how much cbd to take first time for sleep this reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Cheap Oz It reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Strains For Energy is not an exaggeration. According to the progress of the previous special project teams, this is indeed the case.

Zhao Peiru smiled I really don t have that. My previous thoughts and ideas have been written into project reports, articles, papers, and made into course videos section by section.

This is a great credit The better the promotion reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Exfolating Polish For Hydration effect, the more it appears that he has done a good job.

I am also full of expectations for his next projects, seeing if he can lifetime fitness cbd oil bring us new surprises

Such high end medical talents must be greeted well. Every day is a day that is used by others.

There are more than 100,000 people in it, all called Mr. This kind of The battle, how many people can have this kind of scene How many people don t envy We all have reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flowers For Anxiety And Paranoia to bow down When he said this, everyone nodded secretly.

Having experienced this kind of thing, I am afraid does cbd oil interact with cholesterol medications that no one can calm down and forgive easily.

Doing a project is experimental, after all, so rashly do it on him will the leaders allow it The three of them were all backing off in their hearts.

Su Guoliang paused and said, Director Zhao, you have to be mentally prepared for this.

The skeletal cleaning work in Zhao Peiru s hands has finally come to an end.

After Valem reddit cbd with thc gummies the first liver cutting, let the liver regenerate quickly. Then The second liver incision.

Hao Xihua also guessed in his heart, has Zhao Peiru already used this method in the emergency operation room of the Fourth negative side effects of cbd Hospital Otherwise, how could he have such a strong self confidence cannalife cbd oil Hao Xihua said quickly Okay Then I will repair the damage to the small intestine, cbd oil laurel md colon, and mesentery first, and then leave it to you.

I hope it can be successful Professor Jiang and Zhao Peiru have a good relationship and wish Zhao Peiru all the best.

Let them, these other municipal Cbd Dose For Acute Pain reddit cbd with thc gummies hospitals, how can they develop Not reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extraxt For Fibromyalgia only Yin Guanghai is confused, but the heads of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas in other municipal hospitals have been in the same state recently.

Can I really let go He couldn royal cbd oil vape drug test t believe reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Without Thc For Sale it, but he still didn t dare to let go.

Zhao Peiru showed a smile on his reddit cbd with thc gummies face Cbd Dose For Acute Pain reddit cbd with thc gummies First, a teaching and training center was established, and a group reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Effective Dose For Anxiety of highly respected and important teachers were invited to sit in the town.

He himself is very aware of his ability, elixinol cbd hemp oil capsules and he is only relatively strong in step by step learning.

Doubt out. After getting in the car. Hao Xihua President Zhao, what are we irwin cbd oil 250mg reviews going to do at the Children s Hospital Zhao Peiru To see a child with pancreatoblastosis.

Do your bit for the majority of grassroots hospitals. These experts actually want cbd gummies for sore throat to contribute.

It is a lie for Ford Cbd Dose For Restless Legs and Los Angeles full spectrum cbd oil syringe for sale to say that they are not jealous. No matter how good their foundation is, they may not be able to come up with so many advantageous projects at once.

Under the guidance of b ultrasound, radiofrequency ablation was started. After the first radiofrequency ablation, two puncture points were changed and radiofrequency ablation was performed respectively.

Unfinished Do you want to accept this quest chain Zhao Peiru was happy when he saw it.

It s just Zhao The director used superb technology and experience to avoid risks and prevent accidents.

Miao Yuedong Cbd Dose For Acute Pain reddit cbd with thc gummies immediately understood. The three went to the emergency department.

The director s method is good Everyone was also excited Professor Tao also said Indeed, it should be able to surpass Los Angeles Los Angeles can be called highlight technology only by relying on not so good methods.

quite proud. Although other hospitals did not participate, they were also happy.

What research results did Director Zhao Peiru come up with in the newspaper He was so valued by Academician Chen Yongming His eyes glanced at the newspaper, but unfortunately the distance was a bit far and the words what time to take cbd oil at night reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extract For Sale Online were a bit small, so he couldn t see what was on it.

Explore the abdomen with a laparoscope. After that, the gastrocolic ligament, splenocolic ligament, and gastrointestinal ligament were severed with reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Strain For Seizures an ultrasonic knife to fully expose buy cbd oil colorado 03 the body, tail and cbd for als patients tail of the can cbd gummies help with anxiety pancreas.

We have so many brains, reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Fibromyalgia Best Form Of Cbd For Fibromyalgia and we can t compare to Director Zhao s brain. We should ask him.

Below, several staff members of Jiangnan Province who were traveling together listened reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Enhancements For Massages with enthusiasm Haven t been so proud in a long time And the people in other provinces are full of envy in their hearts.

The cbd supplement pills combination of these two technologies is very subtle And a lot of details are used in the technology.

On the other hand, Jiangsu reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Feminized Seeds For Sale Province has already run reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Texas half the Cbd Dose For Acute Pain reddit cbd with thc gummies way on this track.

I just hope that Director Zhao can remain calm as always and maintain his superb operation.

and they can be ashamed of what experts from other provinces say. President buy cbd oil gold bee Zhao, Director Hao.

Hurry up and report to the leader and add the temporary server If this goes reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Strain For Seizures on, the server will can cbd oil help with tics definitely not be able to bear it.

In a hospital in Guanzhou province, reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Enhancement For Post Workout Recovery doctors are frowning over a case. A doctor suddenly said Everyone, I think this case is a does cbd oil stay in your urine cbd oil and fitness bit like incomplete pancreas schizophrenia.

By re expanding and supporting the damaged area, and then using a catheter to absorb the necrotic tissue.

Even if reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Education For Sleeping it is to Valem reddit cbd with thc gummies deal with reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extraction And Purification Equipment For Sale it, you have to find someone to take reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Headache it on. That Director Zhao is willing to fill this number contraindications for cbd is reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Nc naturally the best.

It occupies a large area and has a high construction reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Legal standard. For the parking lot alone, three underground floors were planned in advance.

Their other live broadcast room for surgery can not be counted in the score.

Everyone else, continue the meeting and discuss, Professor Shan Hongqi presides over the meeting.

It s the opposite way of thinking. Until Zhao Peiru finished speaking cbd oil in san diego The entire main conference room, including the online conference room, was quiet, and needles could be heard.

It s holistic health cbd all hinting that the position of the first person in charge has not yet been determined, this is for the two of us to compete.

It can also further expand personal influence. Waiting for these schools, one after another, announced the news, saying that after receiving Zhao Peiru s authorized courses.

The old man and the old reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extraction Machines For Sale reddit cbd with thc gummies woman were what does cbd gummies good for talking and laughing. Although the puncture point was still slightly painful, the place where the suture was opened should not move around or get wet.

Vice President Lu Guangxuan, Director of Hepatology Department Yu Weiming, Director of Biliary Department Miao Jinhui, the three gathered together.

The one that makes the results will be allocated the full amount of scientific research funds.

After the two sides were polite, they entered the main topic. As soon as they entered the conference room, many leaders and experts were discussing there.

Several leaders gradually placed Zhao Peiru reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Edibles For Energy in reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Exfolating Polish For Stress a very important position. Let s focus on him.

Several reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Strain For Seizures people came to the simulated surgery cabin. According to Zhao Peiru s plan, radiofrequency ablation was performed on the artificial pancreas again and again.

Jiangnan Province, why don t you give up The tumor has already been fully exposed, so it s is cbd good for babies time for us, right With such a large tumor volume and your consideration of such a short period of time in Jiangnan Province, you should retreat in spite of the difficulties, right Xiang Xinrong was ready and went to the operating table to perform well.

He has benefited a lot from the cooperation with Zhao Peiru on these several topics.

After a few simple greetings, Zhao Peiru asked, President Su, I would like to meet Professor Wei from the Faculty of cbd oils for less Medicine of the University of Science and Technology of China.

As if to say doctor or this rhetoric Zhen Weichen said Everyone, we have invited an expert here.

Tomorrow, I m going to hold a meeting for each hospital. At that time, I will give praise at the meeting, so that all hospitals natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed can learn from our pancreatic expedition team In addition, President Lu, you should also call Director Zhao Peiru, yes.

It can only be recovered from other sources The merger of the Fourth Hospital and the Harbour Hospital Valem reddit cbd with thc gummies is progressing gradually.

For example, Medical University, Jiangnan University School of Medicine, Lecturers reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Extract For Sale In Palm Springs at the School of Medicine of the University of Science and Technology.

Zhao Peiru nodded Okay, use twelve fingers. Colonoscopy to treat. When everyone heard this, they looked at each other. Want minimally invasive treatment Can it work Director Jia Yanjun next to him also platinum cbd gummies 500mg dosage frowned.

The spleen expert Cheng Changlin and the foreign aid expert Tao Wenbing next to them were confused.

After this announcement came out, many hospitals noticed it. But after they read it once, and refreshed, they found that the content had changed.

And Zhao Peiru is also observing to see who has the most talent in this technique and learns the fastest, and who is qualified to act as his assistant for the next example surgery.

He is good at roux anastomosis and ultracell cbd may be able to solve the problem. After a while, Chai Baorong arrived at the emergency department.

These provinces in the southeastern region have more or less dealt with Zhao Peiru, and some reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower For Nausea have competed with Zhao Peiru and fought in the arena.

Type 1 and type 2, when performing local tumor resection and caudal lobectomy respectively, the combined central liver resection should be considered.

Because her daughter is a nurse in the fourth hospital, she often pays attention to the news in this area, but feels that Director Zhao seems to have seen it on TV.

The patient s son has a little bit of a cleanliness himself. If he is usually, he would definitely reddit cbd with thc gummies not want to let his hair lean reddit cbd with thc gummies Cbd Flower Test Positive For Weed against the wall and be contaminated with white ash or dust.

Naturally, he doesn t know that his current Weibo followers have doubled to 600,000, but almost all the comments in the comment area have been criticized for him.

It seems that the cooperation between us and Jiangnan Province will start as soon as possible.

The grandson Zhou Zhou was the happiest. He heard that his grandfather was able to go out with him, running and dancing on the sofa, singing unknown songs.

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