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The female supermodel breathed a sigh cbd topical for sciatica of relief. Immediately afterwards, she went to check the incision on her abdomen.

6 million. If he adds another 400,000, he can reach amanda bliss cbd oil 10 million, which can be exchanged for a Perfect Level Card of the highest level.

At the Jiangnan Medical Research Headquarters, many people are gearing up. Not only the gummy bears cost young people, but even the old people who followed him, such as Marin, Chai Baorong, Wei Xiaobin, were eager cbd for canine incontinence to try.

To broaden your horizons, you don t have to cut it out, or even transplant the liver, you just need to make it move a little bit.

1.best cbd for aches Cbd Drops For Anxiety Amazon

After a while, Zhao Peiru brought Wei Hongbing, who came to the West Campus, and held a small meeting with Jia Yanjun and best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Antidepressant Withdrawal others.

Academician Pang next to him also nodded lightly. He really wanted to hear Zhao Peiru s opinion Academician Zhao, what do you think 30mg edible cbd gummy bears The other medical teams also raised their ears secretly.

Originally, the relaxed conditional solicitation of Jiangsu best cbd for aches Cbd Flower Buds For Smoking Province was can cbd oil cause tardive dyskinesia black box cbd oil more attractive to what is cbd gummies for Zhao Peiru.

It will definitely go down There were smiles on everyone s faces. Several old academicians also nodded lightly.

Academician Xie Dongshu said This kind of consideration is very reasonable. Several people smiled and said with goudie cbd oil free sample emotion I didn t expect that Academician Zhao not only best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Sale In Usa came up with an advanced treatment idea, but also standardized the industry, which is really powerful Academician Zhao is particularly good at detecting subtleties and summarizing.

But through this best cbd for aches Cbd Faqs For Baby Boomers cooperation, especially through this operation, Academician Zou Bin re acquainted with Zhao Peiru, and rediscovered Zhao Peiru s serious, cautious and perfect attitude, as well as his professional attitude towards medical career.

It should be to reduce scars, do medical beauty, and reduce the unsightly degree of scars.

Zhao Peiru smiled and said to everyone I want to make some cbd oil for horses usa suggestions to help our anastomosis project and improve the curative best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Headaches effect.

Soon, the International Medical and Health Organization announced the latest appointment notice.

The first grade is the three teams that can come to the scene. These are the three teams that performed the best in the last trip to Canada.

Because he knows that crying is useless. Only by swallowing the tears and continuing to deliver the next order can I catch up with the child s medical bills.

His eyes, through the best cbd for aches Cbd Effectiveness For Rheumatoid Arthritis transparent glass, looked into the operating room. Now, all the live broadcast cameras have been turned on, and the surgical cbd for life for aneixty operation of the surgical field is clearly does diamond cbd offer a discount for low income people playing in the live broadcast room.

Everyone watched the video to learn first. If there is anything you don t understand, please ask Dr.

It s like a perverted game, there are barrages of traps everywhere, and it is a test of hand speed and reaction.

With the foundation laid by Zhao Peiru, they Cbd Dose For Social Anxiety best cbd for aches only need time to settle down. Zhao Peiru was also free, so he could focus on the future.

Soon, several Cbd Dose For Social Anxiety best cbd for aches large character posters were posted in front of the building of best cbd for aches Cbd Feminized Seeds For Sale best cbd for aches Cbd Flower By For The People the Joint Organizing Committee of the Southern Regional Medical Association.

It can be best cbd for aches Cbd Extract For Athletes said that President Wang s appointment has given them enough face.

Use a polypropylene patch Everyone looked at each other. Before that, there were other doctors who had used other materials, such as metal wires, silk threads, etc.

Lin Jinsong asked cautiously Academician Zou, you came to our region Valem best cbd for aches to do a cooperative project

The three of them cooperated to cut the rectum, sew up the stump, and work on the storage bag.

If so, it is better not to do the best cbd capsules and pills operation. Because a surgical operation is very detrimental to elderly patients, surgery, bleeding, sutures, and rehabilitation will cause irreversible damage to the patient s body.

2.Cbd Dose Calculator For Humans best cbd for aches

Reward 1 permanent physical endurance card, 1 young card. Zhao Peiru Yile Finally got it.

When doing the mini gastric bypass cbd oil and gi upset technology and combining the two technologies, we also made a similar design to best cbd for aches Cbd Flower Buds For Sale reduce the complexity, just to make the technology more popular

In the duty room, Mu Sisi closed the door, blocking the prying eyes of those four pairs of eyes.

Tao Jiangtao, vice president of Jiren Hospital, said Ordinary people pierce through the right abdominal wall.

Also That is to say, publishing videos best cbd for aches Cbd Essentials For All Nc in the future can also be equivalent to publishing articles and papers.

Wei Hongbing has never experienced such a thing. can cbd oil aggravate depression Although he is also a famous doctor, at most he has experienced being sent a pennant and a letter of commendation.

If it is said that their previous research results were only a small achievement, now, once all of what Academician Zhao Peiru cbd oil for migrane said are realized, then this is the rhythm of winning the grand prize

The experience point best cbd for aches Cbd Flower By For The People card pool has accumulated to 8. 14 million points. Within ten million points, there are only less than two million left. Zhao Peiru began to long for his first Perfect Surgical Skill Card , what should he redeem.

A young elite Hui reported Antibiotics have been used after the operation. At present, there is no intrathecal infection, bleeding, and no anastomotic leakage, intestinal retraction, intestinal adhesion and other problems.

In fact, after what is melbourne cbd stand for each operation, he will bring out several students. For example, this time, it was Wei Hongbing.

The colleague in charge of best cbd for aches Cbd External Use For Arthritis background data monitoring was pleasantly surprised to tell He, the number of visits to the app is finally no longer low, and it has risen again as before.

The value of his first Perfect Class card is still more than two million short, so he can save enough.

Think about it, what caused it We just, What did I do wrong No bleeding, no puncture, what the hell is going on Everyone was sweating with anxiety.

Zhao Peiru said with a smile It s fine, just listen best cbd for aches Cbd Flower Strains For Ptsd to me. Wei Xiaobin said nothing next to him, this time he was just a learner and a bystander.

Everyone heard that Zhao Peiru had completed best cbd for aches Cbd Extruder For Sale the evaluation and decision, looked at each other, and could only obey

She has reported a lot of best cbd for aches Cbd Enhancement For Post Workout Recovery medical news best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Sale Paypal from outside the province, but this time, it was the most dose of cbd for migraine exciting time for her There are only three teams in the country that dare to apply for the national fund for this project, while the other two teams are the top and most powerful teams in Kyoto and Miashi in the country.

Also, the child also has ventricular septal defect, which may cause trouble for your surgery.

And now, best cbd for aches Cbd Education For Sleeping he doesn t even have a perfect level card. If you exchange experience points, you need 10 million to exchange a perfect level card.

And even in the future, is there thc in queen city cbd oil they can attract patients from outside the province to come to their Jiangnan Province for treatment.

As long as this step is required after the operation, the infection rate and the fatality rate of the patient can be reduced.

The gummy bear cbd under the tongue excrement and the skin have a large best cbd for aches Cbd Flower By For The People distance, so that the skin infection can be naturally reduced This is to change the root cause, not to find ways to alleviate the symptoms of the infection after causing the infection.

It is said that it is because of his tonnage weight that he can withstand the strong blowing of the typhoon, and can be shaken without fear under the typhoon.

Now Zhao Peiru has some experience in dealing with this task chain. Many times, as long as he can best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Anxiety Reviews complete the previous tasks without compromise Each task, as for addiction potential of cbd oil the last natural task chain, is the easiest.

There is no dispute that Teacher Zhao is the strongest, but the second strongest, no one agrees.

In just three days, they completed the theoretical stage, the simulated surgery stage, and the first example stage, best cbd for aches Cbd Drops For Anxiety Uk and finally, they directly came up with best cbd for aches Cbd Enhancement For Post Workout Recovery the final result When all the other research groups have not yet produced any results, they have already produced a lot of fruit

Academician Xie, this is what I just wrote, about solving best cbd for aches Cbd Flower Strains For Pain all the problems of the patient, and my consideration of the interrelatedness of several difficult problems.

Also That is to say, even if it is surgical treatment, the possibility of cancer recurrence in the later stage is very high.

Its leader best cbd for aches Cbd Flowers For Daytime Energy Zhao Peiru has even cbd for hand arthritis touched the top medical level in the country just when the outside world was talking about it.

Plop best cbd for aches Cbd Drops For Anxiety Uk Shi Shuanmin immediately knelt down and kowtowed to Li Jinyi. His gummies near me wife and old mother also burst into tears and kept shouting with Benefactor.

The success or failure of the medical profession is real. This Valem best cbd for aches is the same as the sports performance of the Olympic Games, which is directly willow creek springs cbd oil reviews on the surface.

As soon as it opened, a patient information attracted Zhao Peiru s attention.

It is said that it is the mainstream surgery, but it can be clearly seen in fact that the Hai Shijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Sale Nc chose the toupet surgery with the greatest advantages, and the Affiliated Hospital of the Medical University chose the relatively weak Nissen surgery.

Zhao Peiru said If you cbd eye serum have any questions about the operation just now, please ask them now.

Zhao Peiru was right about at least two of the problems mentioned, and the other one could not be completely wrong.

In the future, this kind of top talent may not need to be borrowed, but will come voluntarily, right

It seems that Academician Liao attaches great importance to this newly established research group.

Zhao Peiru said, Director Zhan, is there a full set of colonoscopy equipment in the operating room how do i take charlottes web cbd oil This is the operating room of the gastroenterology department.

This kind of operation not only best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Sale In Usa shows the influence of China s great cbd oil anchorage alaska power, but also increases Zhao Peiru s personal international influence.

Task chain name Solve the Cbd Dose For Social Anxiety best cbd for aches problem of the lowest end of the digestion field. Task introduction You are already in The gastroenterology field has shown the world s leading medical technology.

You can just recuperate at ease, Don t think about anything. After hanging up the phone, Ren Rongxi, chairman of Communication Technology, couldn t help sighing.

People all over the world will really know that Huaxia best cbd for aches Cbd Flowers Being For Sale In The Uk really has a feel elite cbd gummies review cutting edge treatment technology that can be applied in reality.

Reward There are three young cards of each type. Unfinished Do you accept Cbd Dose For Social Anxiety best cbd for aches this task chain Zhao Peiru When I saw this long task chain, I was shocked Whether it is the richness of the rewards, the length of cbd oil for stress non gmo organic the task chain, cbd gummies with thc for sale and the goal to be achieved in the final task chain, they are all unique The chief expert consultant in the field of digestion of the expert group The words chief expert are very meaningful The zilis ultracell cbd oil amazon global chief expert means that Zhao Peiru is the first person in the world in this digestion field Look at the rewards.

The family members also best cbd for aches held the patient s hand nervously, praying silently that this method would work.

This is exactly the same as his task chain best cbd for aches Cbd Flower Buds For Smoking goal. It seems that it is also the task chain detection function.

Probably, there are too many excellent technologies, just come up with something and start teaching best cbd for aches Cbd Effectiveness For Pain directly.

Task five is a logical task. With top shelf cbd gummies Zhao Peiru s previous good relationship with the International Health and Medical Organization, and a Valem best cbd for aches good foundation

These few projects are not suitable, cross them out, reassign manpower, re form a tough team with you as the center, and do projects with me.

At that time, he was just a famous city doctor. His technology is so sought after, and others are willing to pay such a large price in exchange for the qualification to observe his technology.

Please continue to work in the field of rectum to best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Anxiety Reviews achieve a status that matches your reputation and serve as an international medical and health expert group.

They felt relieved after just reading the beginning. This opening is obviously the iconic opening operation of the cbd oil for gummies J shaped storage bag.

In the future, even if you don t best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Energy have cbd gummies sativa a Cbd Dose For Brain Injury real stomach, you can still have hunger, and normal Human appetite.

Therefore, setting up a project team by yourself is the last resort Zhao Peiru explained the medical research headquarters and Jiangxin Hospital.

Consider the scope His words sounded nice, but everyone knew that it was just a polite speech.

But after discussing for a whole day, everyone expressed a lot, and the words gradually decreased.

I heard that our country has also best cbd for aches Cbd Flower Buds For Sale established a special group, and best cbd for aches Cbd Flower By For The People it is said that it has taken over the latest technology in this field of laboratories in the country

Several people next to Yu Yongcheng cbd oil with thc show on drug test explained the part they were responsible for.

Any data is worth recording. After the exploration, Zhao Peiru began to free the common bile duct, hepatic artery, portal vein, and retrograde cholecystectomy.

Liao Qingyi and Qin Minghui are one best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Sale In Texas of them. Apart from these two Besides, the other four academicians have also heard a piece of news recently.

In this long task chain with six tasks, only the last four tasks are left. Zhao Peiru smiled in his heart It seems that when you want to find a suitable task in the future and encounter a wall, you can come to Nandu to try your luck

Deng said to the female patient In your body, the lesions have been cleaned up.

But this direction is too difficult. cbd for homeostasis I heard that the can you get arrested for cbd in texas two teams in Kyoto and Haishi have hit a wall best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Sale In Texas in this direction.

Intraoperatively, the most important thing is postoperative. After the operation, the negative pressure cbd oil and pms and flushing speed of the double cannula should be adjusted.

have made a major breakthrough in the field of cholangiocarcinoma jumping progress.

You can also help me think about whether it is suitable. First, the pouch anal anastomosis uses end to side anastomosis to reconstruct the rectal angle.

Hepatobiliary and pancreas are uniformly classified under Gastroenterology. Therefore, they are familiar with gastroenterology surgery and hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery.

Such a person appeared in the group of Jiangnan Province, plus Qin Minghui s previous Weibo special action to support

At how to use cbd oil this moment, Cbd Dose For Social Anxiety best cbd for aches the academicians who were stuck in progress all over the place had an impulse in their hearts.

Deng makes seven or eight trips to the ward almost every day. Non stop recording, analysis of postoperative best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Inflammation patient cannabis food buy online data.

He secretly thought, this is the same as the originally planned surgical treatment , is completely does cbd oil work for tendonitis different.

What is Professor Dong doing Don t screw up the operation. Ge Jianming, Lu Guangxuan and other leaders of the medical association were secretly worried.

The second is that it is not good for the steady growth of the number of pathogens, and the third is that it will affect the income of our hospital.

President Zhao, have you seen cbd oil for pain customer service the living fossil of the digestive system As expected, Academician Liao is a living dictionary of the digestive system.

And the female star Meng Beini, It was also treated by him. After receiving the treatment from this director, Meng Beini is even more popular than before, and has become a global AIDS care ambassador.

Professor Shu Yun was stunned You are a little too hasty, right Is this a decision Are you sure about your sudden decision Zhao Peiru said as a matter of course We are competing with the two teams of Jingjing best cbd for aches Cbd Flower Strain For Seizures and Haishi, and we have to do what we want to do to get best cbd for aches them both stuck in order to surpass them.

Not only to students, but also to gastroenterologists across the country. The open class will be broadcast live, and it will be broadcast live on the medical follow up app.

Thank you Shen Changqing took the token again Going back, the old man best cbd for aches Cbd Fact For People Who Are Affraid To Take It also closed his eyes, as if he was already sound asleep.

Several major problems in the field of pancreas have been overcome by Jiangnan Province.

It didn t take too long, Shen Changqing stopped in front of an attic. Different from other places full of chills brandywine cbd oil in the Demon Suppression Division, can you take tylenol and cbd oil the attic here seems to stand out from the crowd, showing a different tranquility in the bloody Suppression Demon Division.

Zheng Shixin, the person in charge best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Inflammation with gray hair, said with a smile It s normal.

While walking, he whispered quietly Mr. Zhao is a common hepatobiliary disease, and he can t satisfy him anymore Want to pursue rare cases Another small Cbd Dose For Brain Injury voice said It is also possible that Mr.

Cui Xuemei of Hexie Hospital, Wang Dengbao of Tianjin City, and others who had never participated in the Zhao Peiru project team looked at the thick stack of paper in their hands inexplicably.

I heard from the best cbd for aches Cbd Flower By For The People experts that a new anastomosis technique can i smoke cbd while pregnant will be used this time, and it has been approved by Academicians Zou Bin and Xu Qin.

The cali naturals cbd other old man, Cbd Drops For Tremers with a gloomy face, had to reconsider every move for several minutes, and finally lost the game.

Your child, the fundus of bull cbd oil the stomach is relatively small, look here. He pointed to the film, best cbd for aches Cbd Flowers For Insomnia speaking in English, and said It is impossible to complete the 360 degree wrapping during the operation, the treatment effect will be worse, and it is very likely that The lower end of the esophagus is stenotic after the operation.

everyone knows that such an important national pillar of talent, and also a doctor s colleague, naturally cannot be deducted in terms of efficacy.

After discussing for a while, they all felt that it was very difficult. When dealing with this paper like patient, their drastic actions on weekdays best cbd for aches Cbd Ejuice Strength For Novice were all stretched out, which seemed out of time and could not cbd hemp oil amazon be used.

into 47 years old. Now he is 59 years old, hiding a 47 year old body, and he feels that it is not difficult to go up to the fifth floor in one breath.

you best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Anxiety Reviews already have statues and monuments. Wow I m so envious It s almost fulfilled our lifetime wish Everyone looked at Zhao Peiru s eyes with deep envy.

Before today, our type of patients had an infection rate of 60 in Cbd Drops For Tremers three days, and a fatality rate of Cbd Dose For Brain Injury 20 after half a month

The director of the office looked at the documents and smiled Chen Marry ching, he s coming over today to sign the project agreement and join the company, it should be on the fourth floor.

At this time, she suddenly received a message from Wei Xiaobin on her mobile phone, and then she was shocked, and immediately Surprise, cheer up President Zhao is coming Everyone still didn t know why, best cbd for aches Cbd Flower Buds For Smoking so they asked in doubt, Which Director Zhao Zhao is a big surname, and the people present came from different hospitals.

Impressive technique The kind of attitude that treats surgery extremely seriously, solemnly, and can make a surgery with a sense of delicacy, perfection, and even the quality of art is the only thing he has ever seen in his life In his entire life, he Cbd Dose For Social Anxiety best cbd for aches had only seen that kind of surgery on Zhao Peiru alone.

Especially President best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Sale Legal Zhao Peiru s preoperative positioning method makes me very satisfied Academician Qin Minghui thought for a few seconds I even think that President Zhao s preoperative positioning method should start with cbd for silent reflux our major projects.

This position belongs to the highest level that professional and technical personnel can reach.

Now the province is fully supporting Zhao Peiru s project. No matter what the Cbd Dose For Brain Injury project team puts forward, Cbd Drops For Tremers it is the first priority in the province.

He used the smart and precise card directly. With this card, his dexterity and precision points reached 22 points, which was very close to the peak of 25 points for normal people.

As soon as Zhao Peiru said his thoughts, Deng Changbing s hair stood up Academician Zhao is going live again Their live broadcast of the team s work is finally here again After Zhao Peiru s live broadcast last time, their is cbd hash stronger then cbd oil section once again ushered in a new round of slump period.

At the door, countless students are still crowded, but cbd oil website for sale the seats inside are full and they can t squeeze in.

Especially when I heard the generous praise from the two academicians, I was even more curious.

Middle and high level obesity treatment centers just cbd gummies 3000 mg Participating representatives from the other four provinces in the southeastern region

Reward 3 surgical benefits of cbd oil applied topically status cards with 8 million experience points. Unfinished Tasks 4 Advanced tasks, continue to cultivate on the previous basis.

Medical device companies, carnival cbd oil fridley mn Every salesperson in the sales department s performance has been on the rise best cbd for aches Cbd Fact For People Who Are Afraid To Take It these days, and even the worst salesman on weekdays has been busy these days.

When several people were discussing and considering the condition, Zhao Peiru only glanced at the patient, and his brows twitched.

Fu Cheng probably couldn t see the edge advantage plus cbd oil of the tumor, couldn t determine the location of the aorta, and didn t know how to cut the knife, so naflcirrosis cbd oil he called me.

With such an important operation and such an important live broadcast, I was afraid that something would go best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Schizophrenia wrong As a result, it was really unexpected.

It is a patient with upper gastrointestinal bleeding, which was almost misdiagnosed.

The others, it s always a little bit less interesting A day later, the second propaganda notice was launched.

Later, he went online, searched the name of the attending physician, Zhao cbd cannabinoid effects Peiru, and then posted on how many mgs of cbd gummys recommended Weibo, and he discovered Xintiandi.

Only Academician Huang Hewei and Academician Zhao Peiru have not come. I have just contacted the two of them, and the two of them have just arrived puur cbd oil at the Kyoto Airport.

Just now, feedback from several groups came back, and the evaluation was very high.

Several cars came from a distance and entered the parking lot with the welcome of everyone.

Several people left quickly. Come to play place. Grandpa, Valem best cbd for aches I want to play this water rush. Zhou Zhou said coquettishly.

There has also been a lot of uproar in foreign public opinion circles. cbd for contractions In particular, practitioners in the medical industry in various countries were even more surprised to see fab royal cbd oil this news.

Reinfusion of body fluids has great benefits for patients to speed up recovery after surgery, relieve gastrointestinal symptoms, quickly subside inflammation, reduce abdominal pressure, etc.

I can t bear it. Looking forward to 1, I hope this technology will come out as soon as possible This is what bariatric surgery is like, like it I hope it will be cbd gummy empty stomach successful as soon as possible The comment area was full of applause.

In a sense, best cbd for aches Cbd Effectiveness For Chronic Neuropathy it best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Relaxation s true. When no one could think of a solution, it was President Zhao who took the idea and used a low pressure pneumoperitoneum laparoscopic surgery.

Our old Li, who often basks in the sun, used this doctor s technique when he had an operation two best cbd usage for anxiety months ago.

Zhao Peiru wrote down the number and called Yuan Zhenqiao directly. Yuan Zhenqiao is 50 years old, and cbd produvts for sinus he can be regarded as Cbd Dose For Brain Injury an old hero of Medical University.

They were also excited and looking forward to it. The more detailed and mature this direction was, the more successful they would be.

Not to mention, our project wants to be developed. The results are at least a month away, and the time is too late.

These few days, my heart is itching, and Cbd Drops For Tremers I can t sleep well Zhao Peiru best cbd for aches Cbd External Use For Arthritis replied with a smile Okay, we ll find an opportunity later, and we ll talk about it in detail.

The way is just a way, the key is to have a doctor like Zhao best cbd for aches Peiru who can sit still, in order to make the way well.

These will bring subtle benefits to their project team. Just Valem best cbd for aches talking about the scientific research points brought by the upgrade of the project team made them ecstatic and overjoyed

Academician Chen Yongming is also thinking deeply. Based on his improved bile duct jejunostomy method, he still needs to buy cbd vape oil online increase the steps.

If there is enough time at the beginning, 100 000 mg cbd gummies Fu Cheng and Zhao Peiru will definitely finalize the details of this new operation in detail, and then Fu Cheng himself will continue to be the main surgeon of this operation.

Lu Yaoyao reported next to him The blood pressure is normal, and can i buy cbd oil in puerto vallarta the body temperature is normal.

The way, let Academician Zou Bin surprise again and best cbd for aches Cbd Flower With No Thc For Sale again. And in the half hour chat that followed, he had even greater expectations for Zhao Peiru Academician Zou Bin always feels that Zhao Peiru has such an excellent brain with many ideas, and he will definitely have other research directions in the future.

Why are you all best cbd for aches Cbd Flower For Sale Colorado here Zhao Peiru said with a smile Isn t this here to see you I came to Nandu this time, and I only left after dinner for a few hours.

It s me who failed to satisfy your parents, or I ll call your parents cbd oil for children that get colds all the time now He I know that what my wife needs most now is the comfort, support and wishes from her parents.

There will be no colored scars in the best cbd for aches Cbd Edibles For Sleep Reddit future. It is expected that it will be integrated with your belly button, and even the incision will not be visible at that time.

Everyone was a little scared. In front of this kind of international awards, no one who dares to stand up and compete is a soft persimmon.

Okay Zhao Peiru was overjoyed. These Zheng Yuan and Lu Yaoyao are generals who have followed Academician Qin Minghui for many years.

Zhao Peiru said with a smile, Let s meet, I ll go to Hexie Hospital right away, and we ll talk about it after we meet.

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