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Zhao Peiru can cbd oil cause afib received a call from cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Texas Director Gan Hongchang, and when he heard it, cbd gummies while breastfeeding he wanted to invite him as foreign aid

The director Chai Baoshan of the Five cbd gummies and quitting smoking Municipal Courts , although the idea proposed is not practical, but the direction of thinking is still acceptable.

On Jia Yanjun s side, he began to dissect the hepatic hilum, isolated the left hepatic duct, portal vein, and left branch of the hepatic artery, and cut the liver with a new spiral water jet, but the falciform ligament was not Cbd Drinks For Working separated.

He was grateful Said Director Zhao, thanks to you this time, I owe you a favor.

The two immediately best cbd gummies for cholesterol conducted a simulation deduction. There are still many differences between simulated surgery canna pet cbd oil review and real surgery.

At this moment, the ward was much quieter, except for Cbd Drinks For Working a left cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Michigan behind person arranged by the sports team, cbd for d9gs at a dispensary only the family members were left to accompany Ran Siyu.

The discovery is more difficult than the last time, but the reward is also greater.

I want to ask if you can do anything. After speaking, Zhao Wangong waited for the rejection from his old father.

1.cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Drug Testing For Teachers In Fl

This time, three bleeding points were found in one breath, but because it took too long

Song Xiaowen and Pan Mingde quietly glanced at each other. Now the treatment of their four houses is completely cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Dosing For Stress different from before The treatment is very high, and everyone will take the initiative to chat.

In addition, Zhao Peiru also has a second identity, being the Director of General Surgery , who can come to general surgery for inspection work.

When the time comes, I will keep the phone open and be ready to leave at any time.

Light. Director Zhao has won the attention of cbd hemp oils at evermans in pensacola fl provincial cbd oil for autism nhs leaders and provincial cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Dosing For Stress experts.

Just then, a call came in. Hearing the tone on the phone, the deputy team leader laughed dumbly and said, Okay, I ll open it black seed beard oil el patron cbd and see.

Most of the patient s disease is a comprehensive disease, is a regional disease.

He knew very cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Dosing For Stress well that he didn t actually move his brain, and was just doing everything according to Teacher Zhao s instructions.

It s better than the central hospital. Everyone understood now But more of a shock What Director Zhao means is that he can vermont cbd oil win this coccygeal lobectomy And it can cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Oregon do better than can i sell cbd oil in pa the how much is smilz cbd gummies city center hospital Just before everyone had time to ask questions.

The word Zhao Peiru Team of the Fourth Hospital was mentioned several times, and the names of several teams in the Central Hospital were also mentioned.

If he continues to do it, he should be able to continue to maintain cbd oil cbdistillery the Cbd Doses For Parkinsons advantage until he finally wins.

Under his needle, skin, tendons, ligaments, fascia, blood vessels Immediately cbd oil for gouty arthritis become well mannered, obedient and obedient After one stitch, it s smooth and smooth Elder Zhao s injection, no matter how many times I watch it, I can t help but admire it Gong cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Edibles Rochester Ny For Anxiety Zi couldn t help but praise.

2.Cbd Dose For Chronic Fatigue cbd oil for gouty arthritis

Du Rong said Rong is hemp cbd oil legal in arizona for minors didn t say a word This is not a tumor on the liver. But the tumor grew a liver We used the most advanced equipment to make a 3D three dimensional model of the patient s cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Dosing For Stress liver after scanning in all directions.

It seems that this difficult project is cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Extract For Arthritis really important. Looking at the task chain again, his task is to Complete the important and difficult projects of the Municipal cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Effects For Sleep Medical Association.

Zhou Zhou likes it very much Zhao Wangong also nodded. The little guy was yelling for cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Extraction For Whole Hemp cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Energy his grandpa to hug him again.

After the calculation is completed, the reward will be issued 2 advanced level cards.

They felt that listening to Director Zhao s class, they felt a kind of addiction

The three sang together. It s like writing Director Zhao, come quickly on his face.

Yang Kai s current strength and physical recovery ability were greatly enhanced cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Enhancement For Post Workout Recovery than before, and cbd oil rub it didn t take a few days to recover, not to mention the help of Healing Pill.

When writing the article, there are Ma Lin and Xiang Tan to Zhang Luo. It s really easy to do this subject and academic article But Wu Shan is not jealous.

Thinking, Xiang Tan returned to his danny koker cbd gummies reviews office, picked up the desk phone, and called the director of the department on the same floor or adjacent to the liver surgery department.

Marks the second part of the surgery Everyone started to get nervous again Although the first part of the operation is very exciting.

This cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Oregon is much higher than the difficulty of Task 1. Zhao Peiru pondered In which subdivision should we exert our efforts, so that all other municipal hospitals can be hit with a heavy hammer Just then, the phone cbd oil throat pain rang.

As a result, Zhao Peiru directly gave him a big surprise So, do cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd External Use For Arthritis you cbd article for medical treatment have solutions to the problems in the project Gan Hongchang looked at the surgical plan, his eyes glowing Not only Gan Hongchang was surprised.

without any fancy. Do you want to operate here No way What is Dr. Zhao doing You can t do direct vision during the operation here How does this operate Everyone was surprised I can Valem cbd oil for gouty arthritis t even extend the laparoscope here.

It s not just his anxiety. Many small hospitals have also realized that the cbd or thc for period cramps future field of liver surgery in the city will probably be the Fourth Hospital and the Central Hospital.

Unfortunately, as he got older, there were more and more chores that required him to be distracted.

But everyone s energy and time are limited. No matter how cbd gummies tallahassee powerful Zhao Peiru is, it is impossible for one person to perform all the operations in the liver surgery department of can cbd oil extract review the Fourth Hospital, and it can you vape just cbd oil is impossible for one person to cover all diseases in all subdivisions.

I have a cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Enhancements For Massages hunch that cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower Strain For Seizures Director Zhao will be included in the history do you swallow cbd oil cbd sleep gummies with melatonin uk of medicine because of this whole set of refined operations

Come to learn I heard that this technique has won the provincial award Hurry up and learn advanced techniques This hemostatic technique was strongly recommended by hemp and marijuanas the same our director, and we are required to learn it in all departments.

I hope it goes well The Cbd Doses For Parkinsons medical section chief and chief director nanoenhanced hemp oil review Xiang Tan went directly to the operating room, waiting for news.

Xuefeng, have you heard that a few days ago, cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Edibles For Sleep Sold Near Me the commander personally issued an order to call back all the three clawed blood eagle guards who were out on the mission.

I can upgrade a surgical skill to a specialization level again. cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Face Masks For Sale Even the 800 experience points that I signed in these days.

How does it cbd oil for gouty arthritis feel that he is not cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Enhancement For Feet as good as Zhao Peiru The feelings of those instrument garden of life cbd nurses and itinerant nurses are more intuitive They only knew that before Zhao Peiru came, the atmosphere in the entire operating room was very tense, and does cbd oil show up in drug test australia the patients on the operating table were like a bomb that could explode at any time No one dared amazon cbd oil reddit to touch it.

This is the first time the screen has been cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Effective Dose For Anxiety refreshed. already Basically, all the great achievements were made by Director Zhao Peiru.

Xiang Tan recalled the cutting arkansas medical marihuana cbd oil effect of the new water jet in cbd oil and prozac reddit the video. Excellent indeed It can produce different cutting pressures for different tissues, so as cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flowers Being For Sale In The Uk to achieve a clear cut effect, and can maximize the preservation of important pipes such as blood vessels, nerves, lymphatics, and bile ducts This is simply more than the existing high tech excision, spanning an era As far as I know, Huakang Hospital has a variety of high tech liver cutting techniques, but the best one

I m afraid that I will bear the infamy of the entire Fourth Courtyard. When Song Xiaowen said such heartfelt words, everyone was moved.

It seems that after making bright achievements in the future, there will be more publicity.

Director Liu of Huakang and Director Zhang of the Second Academy came to Zhao full spectrum cbd oil for chronic pain Peiru.

President Ge, there are so many people who are paying attention to this matter Ge Jianming took a deep breath, picked up a tissue and wiped the sweat on his cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Fact For People Who Are Affraid To Take It forehead.

After saying this, Marin also admired it in his heart. In that operation, cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Exfolating Polish For Hydration Zhao Peiru cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Education For Pharmacists s handling method was really amazing It can solve the problems of cracks and air emboli in a very Cbd Dose For Anxiety In A Teenager cbd oil for gouty arthritis short time, which is a life saving skill Zhao Peiru smiled and nodded, Lecture Yes, but it must be arranged in can cbd oil be used for flexible spending account Cbd Drinks For Working our fourth hospital.

Director Zhao s side, the anatomy is obviously more difficult In the observation room, Professor Li whispered A 14 month old baby is still underdeveloped, many organs and pipes are very soft, and must be cautious, careful, and Be gentle.

The owner of the small supermarket looked at Zhao Peiru with admiration in his eyes Dr.

In addition, my technique is obviously better than Gong Zihou s technique. It completely meets the conditions of the first mission Zhao Peiru was determined.

Uncle Suit s expression was obviously unbelievable. Yang Chengzhen took out his mobile phone I didn t know it at first, but the medical experts in the city showed me these news.

After waiting until the rostrum above, the leaders took their seats one after another, and it gradually cbd hemp oil private label became quiet below.

Marin said with a smile This kind cbd gummies compared of surgery, the preoperative planning is more important than the intraoperative operation.

Everyone entered best cbd oil stocks the hospital. As soon as he entered Cbd Doses For Parkinsons the can you eat grapefruit and take cbd oil hall, Zhao Peiru saw Gan Hongchang, the Director of the Professional Committee , cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd External Use For Arthritis and Zhao Peiru greeted him with a smile.

It has to be combined with a Laparoscopic partial hepatectomy. In his mind, he directly used the Blank Skill Card and Advanced Level Card.

It can reduce trauma cbd oil and chronic stress and postoperative pain. However, the new operation still has room for further improvement.

Also, we must ensure that the existing 291l cbd oil for gum sores remnant liver will not It is eroded and spread by the lesion.

After gesturing to Tan Ye, he continued to call Huh So, our cardiothoracic discipline failed again this year Can t even 160 mg cbd hemp oil amazon get on the shortlist Okay, um, I know Director Liang.

discussed for a while. While waiting. Deng Yucai s eyes were full cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower Near Me For Sale of excitement Okay, okay Your technique is very interesting, and your thinking is very clever The entire section of the cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Extruder For Sale thrombus is removed, plus cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Feminized Seeds For Sale your previous irregular liver cutting technique, this operation is really cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flowers For Insomnia worth gummies with cbd and thc a try At this cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale In Texas moment, Deng Yucai was overwhelmed.

I saw that liver, and cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flowers For Anxiety And Paranoia it instantly lost four fifths Only one fifth left On the entire screen, only a small piece is left It looks empty Yu Weiming was also surprised when he saw such an intuitive animation.

Zhao Peiru Nodding, Don t worry, it s normal, the body will heal itself, and it will slowly get better.

After this incident, Zhao Peiru s affection for Deng Yucai increased a lot. If it wasn t for Deng cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale In Bulk Yucai s sudden appearance, Zhao Peiru would have prepared some lip smacking kung fu and planned to convince cbd for quitting alcohol the cancer hospital to do i need a prescription for cbd oil in canada let him be the chief surgeon.

Zhao This child has been shouting that she wants to take the path of being an athlete.

You are all people with status, I hope you can enjoy a bite to eat Water and Fertilize this book and grow to millions of words Finally, ask for another Cbd Dose For Anxiety In A Teenager cbd oil for gouty arthritis wave of subscriptions Reward Monthly pass thank you all Three Houses.

Zhao Peiru looked at it, nodded slightly, very cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Dosing For Stress satisfied Four different angles of the surgical field are enough to show the subtlety of this operation.

Unexpectedly , At this time, Zhao Peiru suddenly came up with such a nuclear bomb level result The fourth hospital of the city, the temporary office where the provincial inspection team was stationed.

Involuntarily hunched over. Countless Mo people changed color. Heaven and earth are surging with great power, rolling ups and cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Amazon downs. In the gambling arena, Yang cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Minnesota Kai, who was covered in for anxiety gold bee cbd gummies blood, raised his head and looked up is cbd oil beneficial for diabetes at the sky.

Oh That Dr. Zhao Was this operation done by him It seems that when I have time, I have to meet this old doctor for a while. After cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Dosing For Stress a while, Xiang Tan hung up the phone.

Vice President Lu Guangxuan made a multi person video call. There are a total of six grids, except blunt skincare isolate pure cbd balancing face oil for Lu Guangxuan, the other five display Professor Jiang Qimin , Professor Feng Zhengyuan , Professor Shu Yun , Director Deng Yucai , Director Zhao Peiru.

Hearing what Yin Guanghai said now, he had a thought Or should I go back and watch Zhao Peiru s live video There is one more critical issue.

The problem of liver trauma cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Depression has always been complicated, and there are too many influencing factors.

It is specially to report on this comparative surgery, and it will be broadcast on the science and technology channel of the cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Effectiveness For Rheumatoid Arthritis local TV station to promote the progress of the medical cause in Jiangnan Province.

Waiting for the Ecological Villa. The daughter Zhao Wanxi s family has been waiting for a long time.

If you have a little communication with this kind of person, and if they just mention can cbd oil help with bi polar you a few words, you can benefit endlessly Zhao Peiru said with a smile Okay, I m fine anyway, we all discussed it together at that time.

However, He s still a little worse at being flexible. Zhao Peiru and Yin Guanghai are also acquaintances, is cbd use for myasthenia gravis cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Extruder For Sale and they also have a Valem cbd oil for gouty arthritis certain cbd weed seeds for sale understanding of them, and they know the level of this healix cbd oil where to buy central hospital.

On the operating table, Zhao Peiru didn t panic at all. At the expert level When he looks at this liver, it s like looking at a pile of building blocks, he just needs cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Legal to remove the bad blocks.

The doctor next to the second hospital nodded and took over. cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower Buds For Smoking In fact, most of the on site free clinics have some minor problems, and even many people are very healthy, just come for a physical examination, and the probability of encountering difficult diseases is actually very low.

Brother Zhao, do you need to call Malin and the others to come in and discuss it together Zhao Peiru said with a smile, No, cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower Enough For Depression this plan is very simple, so there is cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flowers For Daytime Energy no need to discuss it.

A smile appeared on Zhao Peiru s face. View cbd gummies strength the task chain. Task 1. Demonstrate your superiority over your colleagues in one operation.

Zhao Peiru called Gan Hongchang, Director of the Liver Disease Professional Committee of cbd oil labels for bottles the Municipal Medical Association.

Do not block the hepatic portal elixinol hemp extract How is that possible No matter what cbd balm for exzema kind of existing surgery, the premise must be to block the hepatic cbd for vaginal use portal cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Arthritis for a long time Zhao Peiru said with a faint smile I think, two combined techniques can be used to complete this operation.

In the office of Chairman Ge Jianming. Vice President Lu Guangxuan said President Ge, this is cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Fixes Seizure For Kid Detaild cbd oil neenah wi the cbd oil for gouty arthritis application form of the fourth hospital, and this is their submission.

This old Mu, if he asks, he will definitely Cbd Drinks For Working ask for nothing. Who would make fun of their own body No one is stupid.

And the Fourth Court is not far behind. After Xiang green otter cbd gummies reviews Tan found out about this, he immediately asked the Propaganda Department to write a propaganda chapter.

As for the task reward The time for can cbd oil cartridge be brought into new zealand the operation status card has been very good, and the experience value has also increased rapidly.

The phoenix s aura pervades, even if a faint aura blows gently, it is full of supreme divine might, as if a Only the phoenix 1oz of hemp flower produces how much cbd oil stands in front of cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Every Day Or As Needed For Anxiety you, with phoenix eyes, people dare not be slighted at all.

So, depending on the specific situation during the operation, it is possible to temporarily change the approach.

Zhao Peiru nodded with a smile and said, Yes, Director Zhang of the Railway Hospital, please arrange the transfer as soon as possible.

Even the little nurses smiled happily. Finally, the stitches are closed After the patient was pushed to the next observation room

Zhao Peiru also said simple and easy before, but in the end, Xiang Tan found that it was simple for Zhao Peiru personally.

Malin returned to the department. It seems that it is not easy to be a leader of the hospital He followed the two leaders cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Equilibrium For Uk to the Provincial Medical Association, and saw the embarrassment of Xiang Tan and Pan Mingde throughout the cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Extraction License For Sal process.

But at this moment, the person lying on the operating table is a close relative, and he persuaded his family to come to the fourth hospital.

It should be that there is only one surgical idea, coupled with the support of Director Zhao s excellent basic skills, this can progress to the present

Get the best of both worlds In the blink of an eye, he cbd pain relief rub straightened out the messy, criss crossing blood vessels near the first liver portal.

If it is said that the previous task dr chris shade cbd oil Cbd Doses For Parkinsons chain justify his name is to help him reverse his bad reputation and help him have a foundation in the department.

Xiang Tan thought for a while, and said, Then you pick someone on the spot, we will temporarily set up a surgical team to open the Let s discuss the specific surgical plan in a cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Colorado small meeting.

Zhao Peiru frowned, So long get Xiang Tan smiled What are you anxious about It usually takes so long.

At this moment , everything here has become fragile as paper. During the repair and repair process, there may be a big crack somewhere at any time The action of the main knife must be more careful For the first time, a look of hope appeared in Xiang Tan s eyes.

Seeing cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Extract For Sale In Palm Springs that Zhao Peiru had already started to what is in eagle hemp cbd gummies arrange work, Malin and the others were shocked Is Mr.

They gathered in the conference hall on the second floor of the adjacent administrative building and began to teach.

The basketball court cbd good for healing wounds and football field next to it are full of young people who are sweating.

Zhao Peiru smiled and said to the family The result of the operation is very good.

Director Zhao, rare guest Why are you can cbd oil be shipped to texas here Zhao Peiru hasn t stepped into cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Headaches his general surgery door for half a year, right When he said this, Chai Baorong, Ma Lin, Wei Xiaobin and others in the conference room heard that Zhao Peiru was coming, and couldn t sit still, so they all stood up and greeted them.

Take my refined bleeding control technology as Cbd Doses For Parkinsons an example Zhao Peiru officially started public class.

The effect of this cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Edibles For Sleeping cbd schizophrenia dosage new water jet is very stable During this 48 hour period, they used ten new spiral water jets and tested them at the same time, and completed nearly 500 tests v lixir labs cbd gummies in weed gummy effects total Whether it is stability, cutting effect, or safety, it has withstood the test During the test, the smiles on the faces of Professor Jiang, Professor Feng and others gradually increased.

Countless hospitals and medical institutions at all levels are paying attention to the huge movement in the Fourth Hospital Central Hospital.

Director Zhen Haifeng, one of the advanced students, asked curiously, Do you know what surgical plan Mr.

Zhao Peiru didn t take Cbd Doses For Parkinsons it seriously. This Weibo, he intends to post some new breakthroughs and new achievements in the future.

Xiang Tan walked out the door, copaiba vs cbd for anxiety but a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Such a small residual liver Can this be operated on No matter what heavy metal testing for cbd oil method you use, it won t work Anyway, I can t think of any surgical method that can be used to treat Cbd Drinks For Working it.

Several best cbd thc ratio for pain relief people shark tank stop smoking gummy came, because they were afraid that if there was any cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Effects For Sleep unexpected problem cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Education For Pharmacists during the operation, they could also rush up immediately and help together.

Not only did he not appear panic, but he calmly changed his approach If we say that the approach was from the left just now, it is to do the work of freeing the liver on the cbd oil for gouty arthritis left.

Okay, we have to be responsible for the patient. I ll contact the Provincial Huakang Hospital and transfer it as soon as possible As soon as can i buy cbd oil for cancer in mesa county colorado he said this, the atmosphere in the conference room suddenly softened Everyone s heart royal blend cbd gummies ingredients is also quite complicated.

Everyone, we don t have much time, so let cbd dosage for arthritis s go straight to the topic. Yin Guanghai Let Dr.

Professor Jiang smiled can cbd oil help my back pain without saying a word. When he saw this video for the first time, he was even more surprised than what is difference between cbd for pets and humans Director Deng.

Envy The liver disease discipline has even received a cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Ebay certificate Many disciplines are extremely envious In particular, the three disciplines of orthopedics, ophthalmology, and neurosurgery were also secretly anxious.

In terms of talent introduction, our background is too shallow now, and it may not be attractive.

As soon as I heard this idea, I thought I could give it a cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Oregon try. Let s go back to the high level meeting of the hospital committee, and I will give it a whirl to see the reactions of other hospital leaders.

We should strengthen the connection in the future. Zhao Peiru also smiled politely.

Introducing the needle body improvement technology, and simplifying the puncture method

Down to 85 And it s still falling fast The patient s vital signs plummeted rapidly What s going on What went wrong Everyone quickly reviewed the situation during the operation, there was no major bleeding, and there was no other warning

With these two thousand experience points, Zhao Peiru can improve cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flower For Sale Cheap Oz both surgical techniques at the same time.

There are more smiling faces Yes. The two looked Cbd Doses For Parkinsons at each other. A smile, this is what makes them the most cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Flowers For Insomnia happy. In contrast, they would rather face a dad with a smiling face and a good mood.

The cross section must be kept perfect, clear and cbd jello gummies complete, the pipeline must not be damaged, and the liver tissue must be kept highly active.

The liver resection method we used before is really not feasible. The cbd oil allergic reaction symptoms normal residual liver tissue of the patient is too small.

As long as you ask for side effects of thc tincture help there, it is actually equivalent to asking for help from top experts in multiple hospitals at the same time.

After a few maneuvers, Yang Kai stabilized his body and looked back. Millions of miles away, there was a huge light blooming, and the place where a territory existed was Valem cbd oil for gouty arthritis empty.

More than cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Effective For Arthritis Pain five hours left. The 30 minute limit operation just now turned the audience around.

This equipment is really advanced On the big screen in front of everyone, a real liver transplant operation was displayed.

So the difference is huge. The most lively is Marin s hepatobiliary and pancreatic cbd oil for gouty arthritis Cbd Extraction Business For Sal surgery.

If successful, this will be the cornerstone of the next era. Compared with the mystic and the extraordinary steam technology, alchemy is much more low key, never publicized, but it has attracted the powers of the past dynasties.

The selection committee will review the selection soon, try to promote it, and then the selection will be made.

So from today, we will fully cooperate with Director Zhao to create a new situation for the fourth academy.

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