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Many other participating hospitals, especially the doctors in the liver disease department, are also staring at the screen at the kanha gummies review moment.

Starting today, each of you will industrial hemp cannabidiol select ten medical records from the medical system online, perform a simulated rehearsal operation, and where can i buy royal cbd oil in north carolina adjust the parameters according to different conditions.

This operation is so rewarding The technique of finding does hemp get you high Cbd Drops For Anxiety Reviews major bleeding points, and using the pedicle omentum as a buffer, I have gained two important knowledge Guo Jun is quite weird, and usually let you learn, one by one is too lazy to learn.

Chai Baorong only tried to enter the mirror once Go in Chai Baorong did not expect that it would be so easy, and his face suddenly showed surprise best 3000mg cbd oil This is from the sheath into the mirror, so easy Before entering the country from the biliary tract, you had to be careful to prevent all kinds of troubles For example, when the angle of the bile duct is Valem delta8 cbd gummies too large, you have to carefully try to enter the mirror repeatedly And when encountering fragile thin level 6 cbd oil walls, you have to be careful to avoid it It is also possible to encounter various complex conditions delta8 cbd gummies such as raised polyps, redness and swelling in the biliary tract, and mud formation

As soon Cbd Dosage For Varicose Veins delta8 cbd gummies as Cbd Dosage For Varicose Veins delta8 cbd gummies these two cards were used Zhao Peiru seemed to have personally participated in thousands of rescue surgeries for liver rupture

Commander Hong said, while he turned his hand and took out a scroll. This scroll is no different delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Education For Sleeping in what is cannaverda cbd capsules used for shape and size from ordinary scrolls, the only difference is the cbd in california color of this scroll.

And now that the route has been proven to be effective, Pan Mingde will bradley walsh green cbd gummies definitely be reused.

1.delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Dry Herb For Sale

Zhao Peiru laughed and said, Don t worry, I have you on my list That s it , the time is almost up, Director Ma will also hold a meeting to announce, let s go over together.

Haha I heard that Director Zhao Peiru is here A Zhao Peiru heard a somewhat familiar voice from outside the door.

Zhao Peiru smiled and said, It is necessary to pack, but it can be used as a buffer first.

He glanced at Zhao Peiru Why, you want to develop our liver disease discipline into a key discipline Zhao Peiru didn t hide it, and nodded directly.

After the three rounds, Yin Guanghai smiled and said, Director Zhao s operation is of great significance In the future, there will be another feasible do u need a prescription for cbd operation in the field of hemangioma treatment.

As a result, now, Dad s debugging level is better than that of engineers Consultant Liu said with a smile It seems that the director of your department has used these two devices in a large hospital.

My opinion is that it can be passed After Lu delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Edibles Reviews For Pain Guangxuan spoke. Next to him, another vice president Wang said The liver disease discipline has been around for more delta8 cbd gummies than ten years, and there is no new key clinical medical unit Everyone nodded slightly.

He had never regarded Anger as his master, and he had waited here for two years before he finally found an opportunity, so why would he run away stupidly Looking for Fury Too lazy to explain what, Yang Kai said, Brother Ding, give you a big gift Ding Si was slightly startled, What When the words fell, he suddenly saw Yang Kai raise delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Shake For Sale his hands, the left and right hands lit up with different colors of light, Yang Kai s palms When the tenth is combined, cbd oil for autism 2 yrs old girl the yellow and blue light becomes pure white light.

The cbd topicals for acne meridians become stronger delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Test Positive For Weed and wider, the flesh and blood become firm and tight, every inch cbd concentrate crystals for sale online of can i use cbd oil if i drive trucks skin, delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Vt every cell is rejoicing, and it is refreshed from the inside out.

Everyone left with doubts and guesses. Elder Zhao wants to take cbd oil for all sickness a project It s delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower By For The People been a long time since no one in our fourth hospital has taken a medical project Yeah How can it be so easy to take a delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Extract Cheap For Sale project Which project is delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Insomnia not supported by multiple complicated and difficult operations Difficult Several people whispered quietly.

His movements were quick but not chaotic Xiao Meng, and I used a balloon to expand the right branch vein.

He even had time to give a comparative explanation to everyone The sutures you are used to are more suitable for small operations on liver tumors.

On the operating table, Zhao Peiru began to transfer the nutrient pipeline and change the delivery object.

support, that is worth the money After the finance section chief said this, he hurriedly called the above and informed Deputy Wang in Cbd Drops For Anxiety Reviews charge of which type of cbd is best for neuropathy administration.

As he was talking, Xiang Tan s phone rang again. delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Enhancements For Massages Looking at the caller ID Huh Director Liu of the Provincial Medical Association cbd hemp oil motor tics Xiang Tan was curious Why is equine dosage for cbd oil Director Liu looking for me He answered the phone and said respectfully, Director Liu, does cbd oil have a taste I am Xiang Tan.

Zhao Although he was sweating profusely, he felt it was worth it at the moment The harvest from this operation is even greater delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Strains For Pain Relief than what he has gained in the past three years Xiang Tan, the chief director of the second assistant, also had a relaxed smile on his delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Facts For Animals face at the moment.

2.Cbd Dose For Schizoprenia delta8 cbd gummies

When your article is Cbd Dose For Pain Management almost finished, I will help you. Cbd Dose For Pain Management Contact the magazine to publish it.

You must master the equipment and technology. cannabis oil how to use Ma Lin and is it safe to take cbd oil with omeprazole Wu Shan are overjoyed Zhao Peiru This operation is not very technically at ease cbd oil reviews difficult.

Yin Guanghai also had a smile again on his face Since the problem has the possibility to be overcome, then everyone should work harder Let s strive for, based on Director Zhao s new thinking, to stand on the shoulders of this giant.

Some tumor thrombus particles are extremely small, and there may be omissions.

Provincial Medical Association. Professor Jiang sat with the provincial leaders.

Song Xiaowen nodded and said with a smile, With so many hospitals coming to listen delta8 cbd gummies to the class, doesn t it seem that our fourth hospital has a high level of medical care I think this matter can be reconciled with Director Zhao s operation in the third hospital will be publicized together.

But this patient, a few short videos, let it go at once. Our fourth delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Michigan hospital has made a lot of names, and the attention has soared these days Director Gan also nodded Now is the era of mobile Internet, and delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Drops For Sleep Deprivation the way to become famous is indeed different from the traditional way.

Some great emperors delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Antidepressant Withdrawal from small worlds may not be delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Extruder For Sale able to activate the spirits when they are promoted to the God Realm.

Doctor cbd oil gabapentin interactions for nerve pain The family came up and begged Zhao Peiru. As soon as he spoke, before he spoke, the family members couldn t hold back their emotions.

Now this is exactly the opportunity In my experience, there is a technique for improving the acupuncture body.

The surgery is about to begin The audience held their delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Vermont breaths On the operating table, Valem delta8 cbd gummies Zhao Peiru made a human shaped incision and approached.

The one who performed the operation almost asked you to come down to do a technical back up, but how much does cbd oil cost to take for arthritis the old cbd fibromyalgia cbd oil users doctor delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Drops For Sleep Deprivation succeeded in the operation.

Shi Changqing was on the sidelines during the Ran Siyu operation, and is no stranger to this operation.

Zhao Lao has already achieved this point Cow At this moment, cbd for suicidal thoughts Guo Jun s mind gradually understood.

Curious to death. Old Demon Yang Kai greeted. Hey, the old slave is here. Old Demon what do they use cbd oil for agreed quite flatteringly.

Xiang Tan wanted to ask more deeply, but when he saw that Zhao Peiru had already started to write, he simply sat delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Libido next to Zhao Peiru how much does cachet cbd oil cost and read it natures stimulant cbd gummies 300mg like that.

Because Zhao Peiru saved their iatrogenic accident If dr phil cbd oil free trial this matter is not handled well and has major consequences, then each of them will suffer canna green cbd oil price Cbd Dose For Pain Management At that time, it will be more than just a punishment.

Not long after delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Strain For Seizures The whole four courtyards, delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Edibles For Stress up and down, all spread the good news Hey The clinical medical unit, my God Our fourth hospital, it s going to be a cow This kind of brilliance is like a dream Many old administrative staff of the fourth hospital couldn t help but sigh

Grandpa opens the door, grandpa Grandpa and the voice of grandson Zhou Zhou.

This step is so extreme Yeah, this is like walking a tightrope Everyone felt nervous just looking at it Secretly pinched a sweat for Zhao Peiru Malin swallowed nervously, and said in his heart, Teacher Zhao, be careful Deputy Director Peng Bin also sweated nervously At this time, you must not make a mistake.

Now that Zhao Peiru looks at this medical record, he has this feeling. Zhao Peiru waited for a while, but Malin still didn t come back.

This time, there are five pilot hospitals in total, and our hospital strives to be the first to win this technology Everyone nodded.

Zhao Peiru opened can you mix the cbd oil his mouth and said, I think the in vivo liver transplant is very suitable.

Chief Director Lai Ying nodded slightly. Zhao Peiru s reputation has been relatively loud recently, otherwise the Third Court would not have invited Zhao Peiru to give lectures.

Yu Weiming had a smile on his face. The atmosphere of this seminar is really good This is the trend of healthy development He was really afraid that something like the previous session would happen again, the Cbd Dose For Pain Management whole process was lifeless, and there was no result in the Valem delta8 cbd gummies end.

The Central Hospital, on the other hand, is not very proficient in the various approaches of this operation, and cannot be flexible during the operation.

But, Mr. Zhao used it, and it delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Epilepsy delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Fixes Seizure For Kid Detaild was the same as the city. The central hospital is different. In comparison, Mr.

Good morning, Director Zhao Hello, Director Zhao Director Guo Jun, Jiang Lan, Shi delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Extraction License For Sale Tong from the emergency relax premium full spectrum hemp cbd vape oil cartridge department

As soon as he saw Malin coming out, he immediately went up to him. Xiao Ma, how is it, has the operation started Is the hepatic portal vein blocked serious Ma Lin quickly explained the situation President Pan, the blockage Valem delta8 cbd gummies is not a delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Strains For Ptsd big problem, but

It s really a phoenix feather. Looking at this phoenix feather, cbd oil downey ca even those who have never seen a phoenix feather know that it is a phoenix feather.

Therefore, in the hearts of everyone, there is basically no bottom, and they are very worried.

Lan Lan thank you for your support. After reading the media reporters dispersed.

Not only was he greeted at the gate of the hospital, but also hemp oil liposomes a vice president accompanied him throughout the whole process, which was a very high treatment.

It s just that although the original Rakshasa was powerful, it was only famous among delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Extract For Cancer the younger generation, and it was powerless to face the strong delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Exfolating Polish For Stress Jindan.

I will make arrangements in advance for the two operating rooms and related supporting facilities plus cbd oil total plant complex tomorrow Professor Jiang laughed and said, Okay.

But in terms of technical level alone, Professor Jiang is incomparable will cbd show up on a drug test to Zhao Peiru in other when to harvest for high cbd sub fields.

The difficulty of dealing with complex blood vessels in the hepatic hilum area alone is enough to make many small hospitals daunted.

Zhao Peiru listened and checked the instrument. As soon as he saw this patient, he chose the best one vibrant cbd patch from the dozens of surgical procedures in his delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Electronic Vaporate For Sale mind.

will not be allowed. The most important best full spectrum cbd oil near me thing is that they cbd oil levels for anxiety don t have any deep friendship with Zhao Peiru, only the cbd oil side affects nodding acquaintance when they meet every day, delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Essential Gel Cream For Muscle and it is a bit awkward to rush to ask for mercy.

Sister, whose phone number is from my hometown Zhao Wangong asked, Zhao Wanxi said, It s Jingjing, the fourth uncle is ill.

This is Director Zhao delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Without Thc For Sale s Weibo Follow it delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Face Masks For Sale decisively Haha, this is the Weibo of our discipline boss, follow it decisively I hope delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Essential Gel Cream For Muscle I will have the opportunity to study under Director Zhao in the future Huh I click on Weibo.

Xiao Meng, assist me to cut the right anterior branch and right posterior branch of the portal vein.

After that, the National Medical Association came forward and selected some pilot hospitals for pilot promotion.

It is very valuable to delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Test Positive For Weed be able to take them to perform an operation. Many people are thinking If only Mr.

If this step can be captain cbd vape oil successfully completed, the hidden liver delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Enhancement For Post Workout Recovery tumor can be completely exposed.

Xiang Tan smiled and said, It s not my fault, it s our old doctor who took charge of Cbd Dose For Pain Management the surgery.

Everyone was curious Looking at the little thing in his hand It s just such a gadget, can they really learn the superb piercing technique of Elder Zhao later Marin heard this, but his heart suddenly moved delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flowers For Anxiety And Paranoia He canna pet vs 4 corners cbd oil has rich experience in liver cyst puncture, and can see the advantages of this needle at a glance.

Director Cbd Drops For Anxiety Reviews Zhang frowned. Dear experts, this patient has a refractory right liver giant delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Minnesota delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flowers For Anxiety And Paranoia tumor Our preliminary investigation shows that this tumor has invaded the diaphragm and inferior vena cava.

Whether or not to enter the eighth floor of the land Cbd Dosage For Varicose Veins delta8 cbd gummies of all living beings, you need to make delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Effectiveness For Chronic Neuropathy sure that your physical strength attribute is above 240 points, and your soul strength is above 320 points, before you can stay in the eighth floor of the land of all living beings for more than 24 hours.

He intentionally mentioned Meng Xiang The puncture method in this step has a low error tolerance rate and cannot be missed, so the delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Ejuice For Vaping angle, direction, and depth of needle insertion at this point are delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Electronic Vaporate For Sale selected.

I have a lot of money on hand All surgical data were collected Valem delta8 cbd gummies and organized, and finally, an academic article was formed in Mu Sisi s hands.

Jian can i take 5 htp and cbd oil together Wushuang was thinking, but at this time an ordinary blood eagle guard came over and saluted Jian Wushuang respectfully, Master Blood Peak, there is an order for you to go see him immediately.

Meng Xiang nodded hurriedly At this moment, he also had some aftertastes. It seems that from the beginning, Mr.

Although it constantly weakened its power, it was unable to stop the pressure.

The leaders are all beaming. The Fourth Academy has not only invested in various resources such as funds and equipment, but now also has talents The situation is getting better and better Seeing Chai Baorong and others, the fiery leaders who chatted with Zhao Cbd Dosage For Varicose Veins delta8 cbd gummies Peiru knew very well that these eight people came for Zhao Peiru in the final analysis.

Zhao kana cbd gummies price is hemp addictive Peiru smiled and said, This operation was tailor made for me. At the same time.

There was a ripple in everyone s heart It turned out to be the promotion of interventional delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Edibles For Stress surgery This training can be learned well, and now minimally invasive intervention, but the trend of various surgeries Everyone listened carefully to the class.

Zhao My father in law suddenly suffered from hepatic portal vein obstruction this morning.

As a result, I feel depressed and annoyed now, and enter the chattering mode.

These steps must be improved like this Zhao Peiru s technical skills are several grades higher than cbd oil for radiation enteritis Meng Xiang.

The second floor of the what dose shoudl i take for cbd gummies restaurant delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Exfolating Polish For Stress canteen is the conference hall. The doctors and nurses were all full at the moment.

However, everyone who was joking and laughing, immediately stopped talking when they heard this Listen to Zhao Peiru quietly, wanting to Cbd Dosage For Varicose Veins delta8 cbd gummies hear what arrangements he will make.

Zhao Peiru smiled This is to make me a famous doctor. At this point, all three functions of the system were activated.

It is indeed not easy to have the current achievements According to the regulations of the professional committee, Mu Sisi difference between delta 8 and cbd gummies uploaded the treatment results and related data of this operation to the meeting minutes of the joint clinic.

The first half was thrilling and tense, and the second half was amazing Mr. Zhao s operation is simply too showy Our teacher Zhao, it s just too good The other people in the fourth hospital nodded.

In Cbd Dosage For Varicose Veins delta8 cbd gummies the observation room, the engineers were relieved Director Zhao, he is Cbd Dose For Pain Management so proficient with this new model CT on stage.

It is the director of cardiothoracic surgery, Han Kang. As soon as Han Kang delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Sale In Nc came in and saw Zhao Peiru, delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Relaxation buy 25mg cbd gummies he smiled and nodded as a greeting.

And the people who were queuing up were disappointed when they saw Huakang s experts delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Insomnia leave.

When she said this, everyone was shocked It turned out to be true Then do you think it is highly feasible As soon as he asked, everyone looked over.

I see, Mr. Zhao is also hanging After all, this is not better than his improved puncture technique.

So far, the anastomosis and reconstruction work, All done Xiao Meng, restore blood flow.

After arriving at the Dragon delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Epilepsy Academy, you cannot get the world s source, treasure chest, etc.

Malin nodded again and again. delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Products For Sale Pan Mingde smiled and said, Our hospital is lacking talents.

These seedlings can only be considered when the team expands in the future. Maybe, his appeal will be stronger by then, and even these seedlings will no longer be attractive At this moment, Marin called and asked him to come over.

He went to the hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery first, then to the emergency department, and delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Sale In Nc made delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Effectiveness For Panic Attack Panic Disorder an appearance.

Here, I just welcomed everyone into the department. A bigger uproar is coming.

Tell the family the good news that the operation was successful. The Valem delta8 cbd gummies family was immediately overjoyed That s delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Extract For Athletes great It s really right It s right to be directed at Director Zhao Cbd Dosage For Varicose Veins delta8 cbd gummies Peiru The patient s relatives thanked Zhao Peiru thousands can anyone buy cbd oil in ny of times Thank you, you are Cbd Dose For Pain Management the best doctor Fourth Hospital When everyone saw Zhao Peiru being so recognized by delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Sale In Bulk the patients and their families, they all showed envy.

If the liver delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Extract For Arthritis can be cut perfectly Not only Luan Lao can recover quickly after the operation, and be Cbd Dose For Pain Management healthy Kang s more years to live.

Zhao, I really want to go This news delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Sale Ebay shark tank natures boost cbd gummies gradually spread throughout the entire department as everyone discussed it.

Ma Lin, who was hesitating, Wu Shan, who shook his head, and Guo Jun, the director of the emergency department, were all stunned when they cbd investments saw Zhao Peiru step forward.

Then, it makes sense to pay attention to the doctor Zhao Peiru. Zhao Peiru estimates that this small circle is a circle of girlfriends.

Now that I think about it, it best sydney cbd restaurants for groups is most likely that is cbd for pain Zhao Peiru is taking care of their slow speed In the observation room on the other side, everyone opened their mouths.

Dangdang Several consecutive swords were stabbed at him, and he couldn t bear the magic weapon on his body.

The operation part, the thinking part, the precautions In depth refinement of the direction, enrichment of the expansion direction, and further improvement direction

I dare say, it is really possible for you to get a place Xiang Tan was so excited that he Valem delta8 cbd gummies delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Appetite Increase even lost his temper

This operation suddenly became simple and easy to best watt for cbd vape do. I saw Zhao Peiru ligated the short hepatic vein easily, so Cbd Dose For Pain Management cbd oil beaumont that the caudate process of the caudate lobe of the liver was completely exposed.

This topic, Yin Guanghai, Chai Baorong and other veteran liver surgeons are very impressed This is a medical project issued by the Municipal Medical Association a few years cbd oil for eczema australia ago, and it was done as an annual challenge.

Director Zhao, I checked the patient you mentioned, and it was indeed not a liver abscess, but a liver sarcoid.

At the same time, a new announcement was also released simultaneously on the official website and official account of the Fourth Academy.

The people who delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Nausea walked outside alabama cbd oil law were still smiling and talking. This best cbd oil for anxienty time, only 25 of the hundreds of hospitals in cbd miracle gummies sera relief the province have the honor to attend the class.

This time, assistant Meng Xiang tried delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Essential Gel Cream For Muscle his best to make his eyes round He will never allow himself to miss the slightest detail Don t miss out on such a great learning opportunity Seeing this, Meng Xiang only felt his scalp tingling.

Zhao Peiru glanced at Mission 2. In any sub field of liver disease, it has what level of potency of cbd to take for fibromyalgia an advantage over other municipal hospitals in an all round way, laying a key foundation for the newly established liver surgery department.

Our hospital has completed a removal of a huge liver tumor by pulling around the liver This marks the medical level of our hospital in this field and has reached the leading position in our city The chief surgeon Dr.

You delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Shake For Sale tomorrow At 7 30 in the cbd weed near me morning, I took my fourth uncle define cannabis oil directly to the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery of Nanxi Hospital and found Director Zhen Haifeng.

There are so many people watching at the scene, I can t shame him I have to behave well Meng Xiang calmed down.

Everyone cbd oil for migraine headaches looked different. Some are smug, and seem confident. Some were downcast and looked unsightly. cbd oil gives me anxiety After the teams leave one after another.

Su Xiao took the posture of drawing his sword and slashing diagonally. With a squeak, a black and red slashing chain was slashed diagonally, which was the Blade Dao Dao, Slaughter.

After seeing the interview video, various hospitals were equally curious. Director Zhao s surgical plan has is cbd in marijuana all been approved by the expert group That s not the expert group, but the boss group To pass the approval of the three top bosses, delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Essential Gel Cream For Muscle it must be Director Zhao s work.

No wonder these experts are delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Strains For Pain Relief all grimacing. My chance has come. While others were frowning, Zhao Peiru was overjoyed. He is still thinking about how to speed up the approval process of the new spiral water jet, how to apply it to the example operation as soon cbd cream for pain in baton rouge as possible, and how to surpass Huakang Hospital and complete Task 2.

this kind of thought is just a thought. They have been shocked and amazed by this idea of cutting the liver in two steps until now

On Jia Yanjun s side, he began to dissect the hepatic hilum, isolated the left hepatic duct, portal vein, and left branch of the hepatic artery, and cut delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower Without Thc For Sale the liver with a new spiral water jet, but the falciform ligament was not separated.

Compared with the cbd for spray tanning extraordinary steam Valem delta8 cbd gummies technology and the secret pattern, the threshold of alchemy is ridiculously high.

Vice President Pan Mingde said, President Song, start a cbd oil everyone, before I say the next proposal, I would like to talk about the situation of our fourth hospital.

Before that, she could only perform delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Epilepsy minimally invasive delta8 cbd gummies Cbd Flower For Sale In Usa lithotripsy with more general techniques.

Their level and status are actually higher than those of the Fourth Academy present.

It is still necessary to master the initiative in choosing surgery. I have to go to rest first.

I have to say that the level of these provincial hospitals is still good. Zhao Peiru is disappointed, is it going to be a waste of time today Behind him The two young men, Xiao Meng and Xiao Mu, were so overwhelmed by the aura of these provincial hospital bosses that they couldn t hold their heads up.

Now the Internet is really developed The propaganda department of our fourth hospital has tried its best to promote publicity, but it has not made many names out of the fourth hospital.

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