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You really won this operation But this time is wrong It took such a short time Tao Jiangtao felt incredible If the operation is performed according to his method, it has only just entered the second half, and it will take at least two hours before the entire operation can be completed But now, the patient has turned the corner, and even the patient s various vital signs after surgery have been shown, and they are starting to improve Director Zhao, what method did you use At this cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Fatigue moment, Tao Jiangtao was greatly surprised.

Compared with Dean Tao s, their own skills are either ashamed of themselves, or at most only half a pound.

Zhao Peiru, Miao Yuedong, cbd no thc oil Du Qingning, three old doctors, got together, chose a box, and had a meal.

The staff in charge of managing the server in the province was also shocked The number of people has soared to 120,000, and it is still rising.

Change Zhao Peiru to go up, the head of the emergency cbd no thc oil Cbd Edibles For Cancer Patients department of Huakang Hospital, as his assistant.

Director, is cbd oil legal in dubai all are here. Everyone laughed, and the atmosphere at 15mg ml cbd oil the wine table was extremely harmonious.

1.cbd no thc oil Cbd Drops For Working Out

There are also attempts to cbd no thc oil Cbd Extract For Athletes lobby through the personal connections of certain leaders, just to get a name.

In fact, it cbd no thc oil Cbd External Use For Arthritis is the starting point for future wind direction changes after the meeting.

Meng Xiang , is Director Zhao s perennial royal assistant, although he is not well known, he has been with Director Zhao for the longest time and has cooperated with the most surgeries.

20 minutes into the operating room. When Fu Cheng heard this, cbd no thc oil Cbd Fixes Seizure For Kid Detaild his heart suddenly froze Just in the operating room In his mind, he quickly judged that cholangiopancreatoplasty for elderly patients generally takes about 3 cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Sale Nc hours.

Ge Jianming was startled and couldn t help but look at Zhao Peiru. A new set of evaluation methods has been proposed It also provokes many experts, so anxious that they can t even bother to eat What is the evaluation method President Zhao, he has come up cbd no thc oil Cbd Edibles For Stress with something extraordinary, which can make the experts rush into this situation.

In the comment area of the live broadcast room, some voices appeared How do I feel that the various operations of the chief surgeon are familiar It seems that there are It s

When they joined Zhao Peiru s group by drawing lots, they were still slightly conflicted.

Zhao Peiru changed his words and said, But, barleans extra strength ideal cbd hemp oil reviews in the scope of resection and the degree of resection, there has cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Libido always been controversy in the industry about this idea.

There are more We just need to find his mistakes and post them in the comment area, and cbd no thc oil Cbd Edibles For Cancer Patients his influence on our province will naturally be self defeating.

Xu rev vape shop cbd gummies Yueya giggled and said, What I like are people who are useful to society, excellent people, and talented dosage of cbd for cancer cbd no thc oil Cbd Ejuice Strength For Novice people.

It also makes the evaluation committee pay more attention If this can t get an award back, it s a bit unreasonable

Completely gave up resistance. Professor Dong Yuanheng said with a smile That s right, let s upload it too, just to let the leaders above intuitively compare the projects of our two provinces.

Everyone from the emergency department can come and listen to cbd oil fresh thyme market the scene. I ll open can 100 percent cbd oil show up on a drug test a small kitchen for my colleagues in the fourth hospital.

This set of rules is for our two provinces. It was formulated from the very beginning, and it is not easy to change it now, right Lu Guangxuan nodded and said, Yes, since that is the case, then we will follow the established rules and make a comprehensive evaluation based on the performance of the two subjects.

People from Jiangnan Province should be here soon. The car arrived, and the license plate was from cbd no thc oil Cbd Enhancement For Post Workout Recovery Jiangnan Province.

2.Cbd Dose For Alcoholism cbd no thc oil

The two sides are obviously competing secretly, and neither of cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Libido them wants to be compared by the other.

He is also guessing in his heart, is Director Zhao here today cbd no thc oil Cbd Edibles For Cancer Patients to check the work He felt a pain in his heart.

The family has never experienced such a thing, and always feels that the hospital is losing money.

The disadvantage is that it is too thin, which makes the operation difficult and easy to break Using thin threads to mend this ruptured and fragile bile duct is simply superimposing difficulty When Tao Jiangtao sutured just now, what is hemp oil he did not dare to use such a thin suture.

It seems that the education and training centers of the four colleges can always invite famous and heavyweight bigwigs.

The patient is in a supine position Is this an approach from the rectus abdominis Sure enough, the next moment, Zhao Peiru and Meng Xiang were seen cooperating, using a No.

If Jiangnan cbd for pet anxiety Province takes all of them, the ideas of the other three provinces will also be lost.

After the meeting. Tao Wenbing really went to read the case file. When he saw the records of Yan Zhiming cbd no thc oil Cbd Extract For Athletes before and after the operation of Yan Lao, and learned about the time points before and after the several project cases in Los Angeles for comparison

President Ge Dean Song Xiaowen, Pan Mingde and the others suddenly had smiles on their faces, and their hearts were relieved There is Ge Jianming, the chairman of the Provincial Medical Association, and their ribbon cutting ceremony is enough I won t lose face in front of many hospital leaders who come to cheer.

they want to Valem cbd no thc oil nitpick and revise, but they can t find any breakthrough The people in Su Province were suddenly a little nervous and cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower Buds For Smoking anxious.

Others also nodded. So this plan can only be regarded as a second choice plan.

However, the specific technologies and programs involved are kept confidential.

I plan to tell a few people the news of going to Suzhou. President Xiang Xinrong, Master Hao Xihua, Professor Shan Hongqi, and Director Jing Jidong came in one after another.

With a smile on his face, Deng Changbing presented the Medal of Merit to Zhao Peiru in front of countless audiences.

Everyone, don t be led to the best cbd oils and affilate rhythm. The doctor in this place is obviously taking advantage of this zoloft and cbd incident to gain popularity and increase fans.

This time, Jiangnan Province has indeed gained a reputation in the national medical community, which makes them envious.

However, our President Zhao said that cbd no thc oil Cbd Edibles For Sleeping only this new surgical technique can Only by avoiding contraindications can you better ensure your safety during the operation.

Reward 2 blank surgical skill cards with 30,000 experience points. Unfinished Task 2 Complete the cbd plus cbn for sleep second topic and establish your dominance among the personnel in the two provinces.

At this moment, Professor Miao felt that Zhao Peiru s path was the right one.

At this time, Zhao Peiru s phone book slid to a name. Kyoto Shenshuitan Hospital, Director what percentage of thc can a cbd oil cartridge have and still be legal Lei Rong.

But as buy cbd oil in nashville soon as you cbd and sleep apnea come up, you choose this kind of contact with the border.

Reward distribution a young card. Zhao Peiru took this Youth Card of Physical Function.

This loss may be permanent. He may never be able to conceive of a spleen preserving technique that cbd no thc oil Cbd Extraxtion Equipment For Lease surpasses Zhao Peiru cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Sale Oregon s.

Zhao Peiru is Visitors are not rejected. Anything that can increase his popularity is enough.

He and several other vice presidents laughed and said, Yes, Director Zhao Peiru is helping our medical industry conquer cities in the scientific and technological circles.

They are now facing Su Province, and it is this feeling of powerlessness. Zhao Peiru said For pancreatic body cancers that wrap more than 180 degrees, if separation, dissociation, and partial cbd melatonin amazon excision techniques are used, the difficulty will increase exponentially.

He looked at the medical record in his hand The complexity of this patient is not very high, we must The diagnosis is how many 250mg cbd gummies can i take accurate, the consideration is fully detailed, and no mistakes are made.

And the final decision is not guaranteed to be correct. But cbd no thc oil Cbd Extraction And Purification Equipment For Sale with this set of guidelines , it not only greatly improves the efficiency of surgery, but also ensures that the surgery can continue to advance in the correct general direction high efficiency And can guarantee the safety of surgery This is so exciting for bile duct cancer surgeons cbd oil how many mg for anxiety Their most worrying problem is nothing more than these two points.

In the eyes of a master level doctor like him, cbd oil for common cold these changes are just very normal numerical trends.

The president of Luo Province, Chairman Chu shook his head Jiangnan Province has not replied yet, it seems that this time it is how use cbd oil hanging.

Zhao Peiru smiled and asked the patient a few questions to enrich the medical history.

I m going to start the free dissection operation But the exposure effect of the triangular gallbladder is not good, the field of vision is not Cbd Dose For Children cbd no thc oil clear, and it can t be operated Yes, the disadvantage of a single hole is revealed, and a puncture hole needs to be observed again.

After Yuanda Hospital, I felt that I couldn is cbd harmful t get any more energy. Their chemotherapy technology is really too advanced.

Director Zhao s step is to use the blind loop to increase the power of the gallbladder with cbd no thc oil Cbd Extracts For Sale the help of the movement of the abdominal wall of the patient during best cbd cream for inflammation breathing, thereby further accelerating do they test for cbd in the military the outflow best cbd oil florida of bile.

Look at the uploaded information. After thinking for a while. Let s do this, continue to increase investment in the special project cbd no thc oil Cbd Exfolating Polish For Stress to protect the bile , ask people to give people, and ask for money to give money Wang Yu and Lu Guangxuan, the two vice presidents, nodded again and again, which was what they expected

Another leader sighed It s not probable , it s definitely going to happen Jiangnan Province has always wanted to surpass us, and has always wanted to enter the ranks of powerful provinces.

The itinerant nurse was so frightened that she quickly wiped the remedy. Just hold on

There is no difference. Everyone s hearts were greatly moved Sure enough, the seemingly simple and smooth surgical process is hidden behind a lot cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Sale Tennessee of consideration.

Not far from Zhao Peiru s office, in a temporary office cbd living sleep aid across the corridor.

It would be a little troublesome if a new dean came and gave orders randomly, or did not believe in Zhao Peiru s strength at a critical moment and dared not delegate power to Zhao Peiru.

Zhao cbd no thc oil Cbd Enhancement For Feet Peiru nodded I ll be there soon. This time, Jiangnan Province suddenly won the first stage with a dark horse attitude, which attracted a lot of social attention.

Have to find some takers. Of course, this take advantage , others are scrambling to grab it, and they want to take it at their heads and blood.

After three wine tours, Jia Yanjun was very ceremonial. Witnessed by his relatives, he let his little grandson recognize Zhao Peiru Gan s grandfather.

Looking at this scene, everyone was a little sighed and emotional. When did our fourth cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower Seeds For Sale hospital ever have such cbd no thc oil Cbd Edibles For Cancer Patients a situation It s the Affiliated Hospital of the Medical University, it has never been so lively, right Song Xiaowen, the can i take expired cbd oil bph cbd oil cbd oil for body dysmorphic disorder president of the hospital, said with a smile on his face This is just the prosperity of our fourth hospital.

After a while, the time has come to 20 minutes. I shop cbd gummies oil online haven t called yet Fu Cheng looked at his phone, but there was no caller ID.

The purpose is to avoid all kinds of consequences After using these two technologies, these problems can be effectively solved, so that courage is no longer empty cbd no thc oil Cbd Extraction Business For Sale talk Waiting for Zhao Peiru to get off the operating table.

After all, if you want cbd no thc oil Cbd Faqs For Baby Boomers to develop, you have to rely what is cbd lotion for on these experts, you can t beat their confidence, you have to encourage and motivate them.

Colleagues rarely greet each other like cbd pills to sleep this. Everyone smiled at each other, nodded, and exchanged a word or two at most.

No matter how much you pay, usage of hemp oil I will try to invite Director Fu Cheng over. Their decline in the Cbd Dosage For Pain Uk pancreas field of Jiangsu Province has been stopped, so it is worth it no matter what the can you eat right after putting cbd oil under your tongue price is.

Without the state funding subsidy, it will soon be stretched. General Assembly President Luo Wenjing did not speak for a while.

It has been used to ablate tachycardia points and burn cancer cells. Only in the field of conservative treatment of pancreatic cancer, the application of radiofrequency ablation technology is extremely limited.

Director Zhao, how confident are you of the new technology to protect the spleen Although Hao Xihua was looking forward to the new technology, after listening to it just now, he deduced it in his heart, and he was also very optimistic.

And your doctors at the time only considered Biliary acute pancreatitis. Director Zhen Weichen lowered his head in shame.

Luo Province, one of the five provinces in the south of the Yangtze River. The leaders of the Los Angeles Medical Association sighed with envy.

In grief, they only knew that they kept begging the doctor. The young cbd no thc oil doctor in the emergency department is not very old.

In the end, a total top brands of cbd oil of eight hospitals and more than 20 experts arrived in Jiangnan Province.

Some have worked with Zhao Peiru. They know Zhao Peiru too well It must be the ink in his Valem cbd no thc oil chest that he cbd no thc oil Cbd Extraction Machines For Sale will open his mouth and take the job down.

Dean Song Xiaowen, Pan Mingde, and other senior members of the college committee were all sitting in front of the computer today and watching the live broadcast.

I plan to watch it too, this Director Zhao every time The new technologies that he came up with this time are all very powerful and worth learning, and this time he dares to go upstream, Cbd E Liquid For Depression he must have grasped it Many people decided to cbd gummy bears and drug test watch it.

This operation is fast and accurate I came up as a second assistant, completely It s just a hindrance.

From task one to task four, the difficulty is progressive. The fourth task is the most difficult.

But the PCT and CRP indications are declining too cbd no thc oil Cbd Ejuice For Vaping fast The recovery speed Cbd Dose For Children cbd no thc oil of the patient is amazing.

If they were to be separated, I am afraid that it would take about 20 minutes just to identify the combing work, plus the upper and lower knife ligation, the total time for this how does charlottes web extract their cbd oil step alone would take about half an hour.

Just like a wooden house, as long as the frame beams are correct, the rest of the work of nailing wooden boards to open the windows can be repaired by experts like them.

Lei cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Sale Arizonsa Rong swallowed his saliva, Valem cbd no thc oil his eyes showing envy. color. Can be valued by Academician Chen, and have cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower Strains For Pain the opportunity to participate in Academician Chen s topic

Furthermore, personalized improvements have been made This person s ability to study and innovate is too strong He was born to eat a doctor s job At this moment, the operating table superior.

Deputy leader Director Zhang said I ve been thinking 25 mg cbd oil capsules about can you put cbd oil in the fridge what is best diy organic oil base ingredient for cbd tinctures this just now. In my initial consideration, I still rely on the old and strong Jiangsu Province, and the Jiangnan Province, which is not limited in the field of liver and gallbladder recently, to undertake it.

Provincial leaders such as Lu Guangxuan and Miao Jinhui organized experts to hold a long meeting again.

In the past can i give a 10 year old cbd gummies few days, Zhao Peiru has seen everyone s learning status in his eyes.

After the pancreatic ward was removed, they were placed back in their original shape, which was exactly the same as before.

This is the cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Sale Vt cbd no thc oil Cbd Extract For Athletes fastest bhang cbd oil review cbd no thc oil Cbd Flowers For Anxiety And Paranoia and appraisal among the appraisal projects we have participated in, right I guess it is too big a disparity.

Xiang Xinrong picked it up quickly. On does cbd oil affect blood clotting for surgery the phone, Chen Duoliang s voice emails for cbd users came President Xiang, President Zhao Peiru, the subject operation has ended, and the relevant postoperative data has been sent back to the province.

Hao Xihua cbd and inflammation for heart health and Tao Wenbing also looked very happy. This operation has verified many doubts and speculations cbd oil and ticks in their hearts.

Because Zhao Peiru s operation cbd no thc oil Cbd Extractors For Sale will be seen soon, everyone simply does not guess

Phew It s finally open I saw Director Fu Cheng There are also observation experts from all provinces.

Director Zhao Seeing cbd no thc oil that it was Zhao Peiru, Vice President Wang said with a cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Anxiety For Sale smile Sit cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Schizophrenia down, Xiao Zhang, quickly bring the tea I brought from home two can you dab cbd hemp oil days ago and make it cbd no thc oil Cbd Effective Dose For Anxiety for Director Zhao Vice President Wang Chang smiled and said, This is the best tea I brought back from a business trip to Chao City, Guang Province.

If only it were true Then we can often hear these three lectures No matter where these three lectures are, they are always full People from the four courtyards went, and they couldn t squeeze in at all, and even on some cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Sale In Nc occasions, Valem cbd no thc oil they were purchase cbd oil not qualified to go in and listen.

If you cbd oil and sleep cycles have any difficulties, ask President cbd no thc oil Cbd Flowers For Daytime Energy Lu and President Ge for cbd dosage for alzheimer s help. With the endorsement of the provincial leadership, Zhao Peiru estimates that this invitation will best cbd for sciatica pain relief be very simple.

Next to the Cbd Dose For Children cbd no thc oil operating table, the three of Xiang Xinrong stood with anxiety in their eyes.

This requires experts to consider it from a comprehensive perspective. Organic lesions of a single organ blytheville ar cbd oil where to buy cannot be considered.

The process is basically the same as that in Kyoto. the difference is. After Zhao Peiru s Exhibition Report class. When Ge Jianming came to power, he spoke with Cbd E Liquid For Depression some pride This transumbilical single port surgery is the first single port gallbladder surgery in the country and the first scarless gallbladder surgery 100mg cbd 100mg thc gummies in Cbd Dose For Children cbd no thc oil the country.

Vice President Wang shook his head and sighed. Seeing him blaming himself, Lu Guangxuan comforted It s okay, anyway, our leadership team has decided to give up the strategy.

At this time, Fu Cheng, habitually, wanted to call the teacher to support him.

In the concentrated study of the crowd. This operation has finally come to an end.

Several directors and leaders set off for Suzhou. When they arrive in Suzhou.

It s like a person who has finally learned the skill of swimming , and now tells him that he will not be able to swim in the future, and he has to learn the skill of rowing again.

This time, it took a little longer, and it took about ten days. But this has already taken into account the time when the Fourth Hospital and the Harbour Hospital were merged.

Zhao Peiru s figure appeared at the door. He was fishing and relaxing in the independent office assigned to him just now.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Peiru, a famous star level doctor cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Schizophrenia in the hospital, suddenly came.

And this permanent means that in daily life, it also has an increase and bonus effect on Zhao Peiru.

The cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Anxiety Reviews advantage cbd infused uplift gummies of doing this is not to waste a tiny bit of normal pancreatic tissue, and to keep as much good tissue as possible for the patient.

Heart moved. Isn t this direction consistent with the direction in the rumors of Jiangsu Province Is this the direction that Jiangnan Province is planning to go in Everyone s mood is complicated.

Xiao Zhang hurriedly came over to report Professor Zhao, the live broadcast equipment has been debugged.

Now, only these two people can save this patient. Director Zhao Peiru is the strongest person in the field of pancreas in the province.

In recent years, gallbladder cutting has completely become the mainstream of the industry.

The iris cbd gummy bears new academician Gao Xianmin and Professor Zhou Dandan were also in the crowd.

It is equivalent to two operations, one large and one small, and the patient can naturally bear it.

Zhao Peiru nodded slightly This task chain is in cbd uses for seniors line with my royal cbd oil best brand current development stage.

Mo Chang s mind moved. best dosage of cbd for fibromyalgia The thought resurfaced a few days ago. No, for the sake of the future, after I go back to Guangren Hospital, I can be promoted to the director of our third pancreas department

After that, the tumor at the tail of the pancreatic body was removed. After hemostasis, the cut mass was divided into small pieces and removed from cbd patches for sale texas the puncture hole.

Professor Jiang looked out the window, the enthusiastic crowd of students, and could not help but wipe the cold sweat from his forehead.

Most of them are doctors from the fourth hospital, who came to listen to the class.

After the upload was completed, the expert group and the leaders of Los Angeles called the organizing committee together to report the situation.

In the future, the gallbladder world will change. Luo Province is no longer the leader, and the field of bile duct disease in Jiangnan Province has also risen Chairman Ge Jianming nodded with a smile.

Everyone thinks that if you want to start a project anyway, it is better to take advantage of this opportunity and simply carry out radiofrequency ablation technology.

While looking at the summary report, Ge Jianming pointed to the corresponding place on the report and introduced Lin Jinsong one by one.

Oh, by the way, cbd for your skin the one who just entered is the most famous in the province Pancreas specialist.

At the end of the day, Cbd Dosage For Pain Uk Cbd Dose For Children cbd no thc oil the entire team couldn t wait, and wanted to go through the surgical procedure several times as soon as possible and try to perform an example operation.

Don t look at the two medical cooking with cbd buds instead of oil provinces of Jiangsu and Fuzhou, each of which has two experts.

Ge Jianming sighed. The five province joint organizing committee did not pass our request.

the forehead also kept oozing out sweat. The arms have already begun to tremble, and inevitably, it affects the movements of the hands, and the strength of the pulling suddenly begins to become unstable.

President Ge found the leader of the inspection team, Liu cbd gummies 180 mg Zhenjiang. Zhenjiang, how do you feel when you come to Jiangnan Province this time The development has changed a lot, right Liu Zhenjiang smiled and said, The change is quite big.

Just looking at a certain local operation, they can t understand Zhao Peiru s idea.

It seems that every time they say a word, everyone s mood becomes a little heavy.

In terms of eradication rate, is Professor Shu Yun s cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Sale Vermont plan the highest cbd no thc oil Cbd Edibles For Cancer Patients Everyone nodded involuntarily.

Zhao cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Anxiety Reddit Peiru has already made a surgical plan Coming up with a surgical plan is a very cbd no thc oil Cbd Enhancement For Post Workout Recovery late step.

He smiled and said President Zhao, the above allows live broadcast You are too embarrassed.

In the watching of everyone s nervousness, anticipation, appreciation, or admiration

Zhao Peiru looked at the specific instructions on the back of the card. Essence and spirit state card Permanently increase your spirit and spirit state by 1 point.

In the final analysis It how much thc in a gummy how much cbd oil for stress s still my lack of thorough understanding of this choledochoscope straight through technology and deep level things.

Beside the operating table, the well informed Director Fu Cheng also frowned.

The gap is too big The gap between me and Director Zhao, I m afraid I won t be able to catch up in a lifetime When will I be able to achieve such a beautiful surgical effect Shocked When even the basic grasping and suspending operations made mistakes due to clumsiness, Director Zhao was already able to cbd no thc oil Cbd Education For Pharmacists carve it like a work of art Director Zhao

Of these three achievements, only two cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower For Sale Colorado cbd no thc oil Cbd Education For Sleeping are related to anti cancer. The most unfortunate thing is that your most important achievement is preserving the spleen and cutting the pancreas.

That s what makes the sisters of many fan groups envious. Congratulations to Jiajia, for breaking into the fourth hospital If there is news about Director Zhao in the future, please share it with us as soon as possible Also, please share how to take the test.

Xiaomu, show you the postoperative data. Zhao Peiru said to the camera in the live broadcast room Later, the staff of our fourth hospital will show the data of the patients in various time periods after the operation in the live broadcast room.

We really can t match the improvement of full spectrum cbd for chronic back pain this kind of qualitative change. caviar gold cbd oil If you lose, you lose to this technology, and you won t be wronged

In addition, Zhao Peiru, what dies cbd do for you Hao Xihua and other representatives of several experts on pancreas and spleen.

gradually understood. Everyone s eyes widened how to flavour cbd oil vape and they were dumbfounded. Director Zhao, he s so 7 hemp cbd oil uses good vs cbd oil vanessa sanchez It s Cbd E Liquid For Depression good to be able to develop a technique, he can continue to improve again in just a few days The key, this technique is still very good, the stone extraction efficiency is extremely high, and the safety It is also very high cbd gummies manufacturer florida This cbd for seizures dosage full spectrum cbd lotion for pain is too rare It is not difficult to innovate and improve ordinary spells.

This is to make things bigger cbd gummies safe for kids best direct sell cbd oil companies The previous media coverage can only be regarded as making this matter more famous.

Provincial South China Hospital. Xiang Xinrong calmly pointed out the fact that the level of pancreas in Jiangnan Province is weaker than that in Luo Province.

When Zhao Peiru arrived best cbd edibles for pain relief at the Medical University, he saw a dark crowd gathered outside the lecture hall.

Just hemp bombs high potency gummies then, there was a knock on the office door. There was a knock on Zhao Peiru s office door.

Zhao Peiru waved his hand and said with a smile, I believe in your professional quality.

It seems that we have a double happiness In this second topic direction, the progress of the two groups is very fast, and they are very powerful.

In short, it will give Jiangxin Hospital, which has just changed its name and merged and urgently needs to regain cbd no thc oil Cbd Flower Strains For Pain its foothold, an excellent opportunity for publicity.

Deng Yucai took a deep breath, and then strode into the operating room. The two looked at each other and nodded slightly to each other as a greeting, and then they concentrated on the patient lying on the operating table.

The two walked while chatting, and at this time, they happened to reach the door of the conference room.

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